Keji Moses

‘We must show compassion’ Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, Infant loss My name is Keji Moses. I’m a mother and founder of the charity Mayah’s Legacy, shining a light on the mental health impact of pregnancy loss. We intend to show people that their voice matters. I’m originally from Nigeria but have lived in the UK […]

Michelle Jones

“I transitioned from somebody who lived a life of chronic illness, to somebody that lives a life with chronic illness” My name is Michelle Jones. I am owner of a wedding consultancy but, most importantly, I have a startup business called Kindness Currency. I’m from a working class family in the northeast of England. I […]

Sandie Roberts

“Disabilities bring colour to humanity” My name is Sandie Roberts. I’ve overcome adversity to become a voice and representation for disabled women.  I currently live in the Cotswolds but I was originally born on the South Coast and have now lived all around the world. I have a spinal injury, some issues with my hips […]

Lisa Askem

“Sometimes you just have to go with not being normal” My name is Lisa Askem. I’m a yoga teacher, who passionately believes in the importance of enjoying yourself. I was born in Leeds to a very chaotic family. We were known as the party family. My mother particularly was very wild. She had me young, […]

Isaac Winton-Hayes

“What matters the most is what I do at a human level” My name is Isaac Winton-Hayes. I am a 17-year-old young professional, dedicated to demonstrating the potential of young people and the importance of humanity. I was born in Manchester and have lived here for almost my entire life. I had a fairly normal […]

Isaac Kenyon

“The definition of inspiration is to help someone who may not believe in themselves, to then believe in themselves.” My name is Isaac Kenyon. I am a geologist, a trustee for the charity ‘Mind’ and have spent many years committed to raising awareness of different climate projects, through the mode of adventure.  I was raised […]

Rachel White

“Reading a book is a way to travel without travelling” My name is Rachel White. I am a mental health and climate activist, with a background in helping young people, and have spent the last few years seeking adventure through drawing strength from the natural world. I grew up in Essex, in a small village, […]

Patrick Davies

“We spend too much time looking ahead and feeling we have lost out, instead of looking behind and thinking we are doing okay” My name is Patrick Davies. I am an ex-diplomat and writer and have recently embarked on the mission of walking across the UK in order to fundraise for Alzheimer’s research I grew […]

Will Fraser

“In life we should always try and give more than we take” My name is Will Fraser, I’m an ex-professional rugby player and head of my own business: 100 & First, focussing on drawing inspiration from the stories of others. I was born in Hertfordshire, I am from a large family and am one of […]

Marian Adejokun

“I don’t want you to be like me, I want you to see me as an example and be yourself” My name is Marian Adejokun and I am the founder of the photography campaign ‘My Scars Tell A Story’. I am also extremely passionate about the influence of young people, founding the organisation Reach Out […]

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