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After a short career in professional football, my life completely changed as I went on a journey of self-discovery in the USA. From a young man only caring about girls, money and materialism, I transformed my outlook towards actually having empathy for the world around me.

Back in 2016, I created the Road 2 Uganda a charitable campaign, which involved me completing four marathons in four consecutive days and led to the completion of a schoolhouse in Uganda, that is now instrumental to the education of 150 pupils every year.

Then early in 2019, I decided to swim 53 miles in the English Lake District (National Park) and created the Swim 4 Shelter campaign to raise awareness and help 36 homeless people living on the streets of Manchester into an employment programme.

Whilst completing these challenges, I realized that there are so many people in this world fighting their own unique battles, and a lot of people who have been open to sharing their experiences both to celebrate their achievements and help others struggling in similar circumstances.

I pride myself on making a difference in this world, whether that be through connecting with people through the Tales to Inspire Podcast and blog or via our workshops in schools and corporate spaces and inspiring people via speaking opportunities.

I am always happy to create unique opportunities depending on individual needs.