Raji Sundar

‘Feeling good and making friends for life’ My name is Raji Sundar, I was born in Mumbai, India. Growing up my dad changed jobs a lot, I became used to different cultures and could speak 4 different languages by the age of 4. As a child I was quiet and reflective, my sister was the […]

Stefania Catarinella

“Learning expands my life.” My name is Stefania Catarinella. I have been living in Leamington Spa for the past 3 and a half years and I’m originally from Puglia in the South of Italy. I lived in Puglia until I was 18 when I finished school. Then I left to follow my dream. I started […]

Loong Ly

“You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To” My name is Loong Ly. I’m an ex-footballer turned school coach after learning that it’s alright to sometimes pursue a different path than the original plan. I was born in Hackney, but my parents came over on boats as refugees during the Vietnam war. Hackney wasn’t […]

Thomas Thor and Isaac Bakwira

‘Go and enjoy life, connect with people and try to show more love.’ My name is Thomas Thor. I’m the founder of El Cambio in Uganda, an academy which aims to spark change through the mode of football. I’m 40 years old, and I was born in Denmark. From the outside, my family appeared to […]

Will Fraser

“In life we should always try and give more than we take” My name is Will Fraser, I’m an ex-professional rugby player and head of my own business: 100 & First, focussing on drawing inspiration from the stories of others. I was born in Hertfordshire, I am from a large family and am one of […]

Nick Butter

“If you get over the first hurdle, the rest will follow pretty naturally” My name is Nick Butter and I am a long distance runner and founder of The 196 Foundation. I told part of my story back in April but would like to share some updates, especially due to the impact of Covid-19, on […]

Shane Fletcher

“Leaders aren’t as important as leadership” My name is Shane Fletcher and I am a manager of one of the most successful rugby teams in the world, the Crusaders. I have local roots, given that I live in Christchurch and grew up in a small nearby coastal town. This had a small population and, as […]

Damian Hall

“Running a hundred miles is like living a year in one day” My name is Damian Hall and I am a professional ultra-marathon runner, who currently holds the record time for the 185-mile Wainwright Coast to Coast route. Aside from this, I am a 45-year-old father of two and currently residing in Wiltshire. My journey […]

Krish Patel

Today is our 50th episode. That is 50 episodes to Inspire you and what a journey it has been. We have shared stories from people around the globe and our tales have been listened to in 34 different countries. This special episode shares snippets of inspiration from Jamie Rudd, Lucy Shepherd, Luke Tyburski, Saeed Atcha […]

Louise Johnstone

“ I take much more risks now, than I ever did as a kid and that comes from a lot of reflecting and a lot of years trying to improve and reflect.” My name is Louise Johnstone and I am a Dundee based personal trainer and endurance athlete. I have spent my career aiming to […]

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