Your Stories, Your Culture

Changing people’s mind about their workplace can’t just be done with pay rises.

If you’re looking for a way to really change your company’s culture in a way that employees feel proud, connected, and naturally motivated to stick around, you will find that here.

Everyone. Absolutely everyone has a story. One you might not expect and will make you see people with a different perspective. Understand them more, better, rely on, and lean on.

That’s the only way companies can build a strong net between its people, so strong that everything else becomes secondary.

And we specialise in doing that.

It’s not cheap, because it’s high impact, and that takes extra effort.

Extra effort that only some companies do. Those that are focused on bringing their people together whilst encouraging their employees not to leave their personalities at the door when they walk into the office.

We will uncover the stories of your people so they (and the company) can benefit from a company culture everyone wants to belong to.

Here’s what you can expect from this

high impact product:


Stories are our everything. We offer a bespoke service where we interview your people through our storytelling workshop to bring the stories of your people together.

Get to know

the faces behind the people. We spend one third of our lives at work. What could be more important than getting to know your colleagues and peers.

One hour

We know that time is the most important currency in the corporate world, so how long does this take I hear you ask? One hour. We will spend one hour speaking to each of your people to capture their stories. That’s all you have to do. Leave the rest to us.


We won't limit the amount of participants in this product, although it starts at 25 people. It all depends on the outcomes that you are searching for and the budget you have.


Starts at £13,000.

On or off

We always prefer offline physical feedback with people, but we can do it online if you prefer.


Everyone likes to feel a sense of belonging, particularly at their place of work. We have created a product to ensure your employees always feel like their story matters, and so do the stories of those around them.

Our Corporate Stories foster a greater sense of belonging in the workplace. Your employees will feel valued, which in turn, will create a happier, more productive workforce.

Deliverable formats

We offer our bespoke storytelling service in either digital or book format. We can cater the process to suit your needs and your company’s style of communication e.g. book, newsletters, videos, podcasts etc.

About them

Most companies are looking for a way to invest in their employees. What better way to invest in your employees than to focus solely on them? It is amazing what people can do when they feel valued, like they have a sense of purpose, and in a unique way.

Better performance

Get to know your people better from a management perspective. Our Corporate Stories will enable you to get to know your employees better, which means you will have the benefit of being able to staff them on projects that are more aligned to who they are, which in turn, will lead to better performance levels.

We're nice (too)

You get to collaborate with a thriving social enterprise which is making waves across the country, raising awareness of social issues and taking action alongside them. It is great for your Corporate Social Responsibility.

There’s something you must know. All of us, Krish, the team, and all of our ambassadors, we are not business people. That doesn’t mean we aren’t professional, don’t get it wrong. What I mean is that you shouldn’t expect us wearing suits, prominent handshakes and “we talk, you listen”.

With that said, if you want to have a true impact on the business, and leave everyone impressed on the way out, this is a very good investment.

Corporate Stories
to Inspire

Starts at £13,000
Leave us your details and we’ll get in touch
Some managers have these questions

This is a bespoke offering starting at 25 of your people to be featured.

It can include one or several storytelling workshops depending on the needs.

It also includes interviewing and working alongside all people internally to prepare the end deliverable.

The format of how you would like this to be designed (ie in a book or digitally) will be an additional cost that will be discussed dependent on the size of the project.

Get in touch with no commitment, and we are sure to arrange a plan that suits your availability and your company’s budget.

We will discuss your needs over email first.

From here, we can arrange a call to solve last questions.

You will decide on your aims for the project and the outcomes you would like to achieve and Tales to Inspire will design a programme bespoke to your needs. This will include how many people you would to share the story of within your company and the options of how you would like to share the stories.

With that we’ll prepare a proposal, including a quote for the work and timeline with which you expect the project to be delivered.

With that you might need to get approval for the work.

And then we begin!

Yes, included in the cost, Tales to Inspire will take your people on a special storytelling workshop, to prepare you for what is to come and to help make you feel more comfortable with the entire process.

As there is quite a lot of communication internally and externally and preparation needed to deliver this project, we ask that there is a minimum of 12 weeks from the moment of our first workshop, to the delivery of the final product.

This is a high cost – high impact program that aims at having both internal and external results for the company.

If you want your employees and managers to thrive and to feel part of a culture that values each and every person within the organisation, then this is what this does. We give your company the opportunity to share the stories and an insight into the lives of those with whom your company impacts on a daily life.

This can be leaders and employees within the company, to those you aim to impact on a daily basis.

With that said, it’s up to you to decide.

Corporate Stories
to Inspire

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