Workshops for Educators

Teachers lacking motivation, making mistakes and behaving like kids. That’s what happens if you’re not taking the lead.

If you want to know why some teachers stay motivated on their own until they retire, while others are frustrated right after getting their timetables, that’s what this page is about.

We prepare workshops for educators to support them with the tools
they need to overcome their yearly routine.

On top of that, we do that with an unusual methodology of ours.

We will tell you stories.

Not bedtime stories.

Stories of real people that will make you think, laugh, empathise and even cry.

And you know what’s the key?

It’s those same people who’ll be telling. Their own story.

You and the teachers will get to know them, and you might end up looking up to some of them, because they’re all quite special.

Here’s how it works

The price

Our workshops are bespoke and priced according to your needs, the length of delivery, the amount of time it takes to prepare the workshops and how many people we are delivering the session for.


Our highly experienced facilitators will bring your team together and provide ways to tackle conflicts with kids and parents when they arise.


Its levels are an all time high in the teaching profession. We support educators in ways to overcome social and emotional obstacles whilst increasing their overall wellbeing.


We have delivered to small groups of under 15 people and also specific events with more than 500 people. It all depends on the outcomes that you are aiming for.


Our workshops are designed to make you all feel refreshed, determined and give clarity on the reasons why you do what you do.

On or off

We always prefer offline physical feedback with people, but we can do it online if you prefer.

Free to choose

You can freely choose the topics of the workshops that you’d like to focus on. For example, if you choose a “Mental Health and Wellbeing” we will implement and develop tools that can remain in the teacher’s toolkit, so that when times get difficult, they have something internal to rely upon.


We deliver strategies for overcoming obstacles and dealing with challenging times. You will meet extraordinary people with extraordinary lives. It’s difficult to leave one of our workshops and feel indifferent.

Real life examples

We won’t bring a manual or a movie. There are no “experts”. If you’re expecting a lecture or a masterclass, this is not it.

Raising aspirations

You will get in depth insight onto a variety of topics of your choice whilst empowering young people and raising aspirations with our refreshing and different workshops.

Easy to fit

You don’t have to worry about scheduling. We make it fit, whether it be an hour, a day, or a week. We take the management off your shoulders, you are already busy enough.

Workshop for Educators
to inspire

Answer these easy questions to get in touch and start arranging things together
The message from the staff was overwhelmingly positive, definitely thought-provoking, and your first session certainly set the tone for us being that 'one person' that could change someone's life. I know it's a message that struck a chord with me and I have heard the phrase 'It only takes one person!' echoing around the building since your visit.

Rebecca Wood Assistant Head Teacher Blackburn Central High School

Some common questions

We have provided workshops focusing on:

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Social and emotional wellbeing
  • Raising aspirations
  • Resilience and overcoming adversity
  • Goal setting and planning for the future
  • Story-telling

All our workshops are bespoke therefore if you have a particular interest in a workshop on a topic that isn’t listed above, please get in touch.

We will discuss your needs over email first.

You will decide on the topics you’re interested into, the length of the workshop, and preferred dates.

With that we’ll prepare a proposal, including which ambassadors and team members will attend on the day and send it to you on a deck in a PDF file, along with a quote for the work.

From here, we can arrange a short call to solve last questions.

You get approval for the work.

We attend on the day, deliver the workshop, and leave.

Yes, we can help too.

We can arrange a series of workshops for you, however it all depends on what it is that you are looking for and how best we can support.

Our aim isn’t to just turn up and be done. We want to leave a lasting impact and exceed all expectations and you may feel that a series of workshops may work better for your needs.

Our trained facilitators. Real-life people with lived experience to ensure real-life outcomes of the subject area that they are delivering on.

Everything Tales to Inspire delivers is based on connection. Our unique approach alongside our foundation of social good enables us to connect to everyone who attends our workshops.


Tales to Inspire is a social enterprise/community interest company.

This means that we are a not-for profit organisation with all profits going back into our social mission: impacting a diverse array of communities whilst inspiring others that there is nothing that they cannot breakthrough.

We are based in Greater Manchester. However, our facilitators are based around the country which means that we can provide bespoke workshops for you wherever you need.

We can provide support for all staff members within schools and not just teachers. We can support management and leadership teams within schools, as well as volunteer members of staff and everything in between.

You let us know what your goals and outcomes are and who you aim to support and we will take care of the rest.

Workshop for Educators
to Inspire

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