Corporate Workshops

Work is infinitely more enjoyable and stress-free when a team is motivated and driven. Here you can find out how to do that with your team.

Sometimes people have different strengths that we are not using, and we tag them as toxic when they’re not. Rearranging them is an option, but so is trying to stimulate the individuals and the team as a whole.

We deliver workshops for business teams. But they have a twist that is quite unique.

We focus on collecting stories of real life people from all streets of life.

Not TV superstars.

People who have made a real difference. Who overcame challenges and turned them into motivation.

We found out these stories inspired people, and businesses started contacting us to prepare special sessions using these stories.

They loved them.

We now call them Corporate Workshops.

If you get one of our workshops,

here’s how it will work for you and the team

The price

Our workshops are bespoke and priced according to your needs, the length of delivery, the amount of time it takes to prepare the workshops and how many people we are delivering the session for.


We know how important Corporate Social Responsibility is to you. You have the opportunity to collaborate with a thriving social enterprise which is making a difference across the country, supporting schools, businesses and individuals whilst effecting change in major systems and taking action alongside them.

Team performance

Better team performance. The whole point is to inspire them in many different ways, which will result in a motivated and proactive team player keen to find better solutions in any circumstance.

On or off

We always prefer offline physical feedback with people, but we can do it online if you prefer.


Let the team know you are tailoring this workshop to their needs and interests. We suggest you to even choose the topics together. They will respect you caring for them.


A standard workshop will take 1.5h, and it will serve as a stress relief pause for the team. Many companies prefer it to be half day or a full day event, because people feel a short workshop is just one more mandatory meeting, and keep thinking on what they need to get back on afterwards.


They will meet extraordinary people with extraordinary lives. Our ambassadors will come to impart these workshops based on the topics you want to tackle. None of them will leave you indifferent.


It will help to break prejudices of any kind. They will see how everyone can be a leader and inspire others.

Out of the box

Daily routine is a silent killer. By listening to people from very different walks of life, people can unlock ideas and thought processes that usually stay dormant. This can spark new behaviours and new takes on current problems.

Judgement free

They will learn to listen first, and think second.


Open their minds to alternate mindsets, paths, and ways of doing things. They will realize there’s not a single way to succeed.

Easy management

You’ll get less staff complaints and issues. A more motivated team is usually happier, which means a healthier work environment and better talent retention.

Unique solution

If you need to get this approved with a higher-level director, you will show you can find innovative ways to engage with the staff. Let them join in as well, they will enjoy it like anybody else.

Real life examples

of any topics of your choice. We won’t bring a manual or a movie. There are no “experts”. If you’re expecting a lecture or a masterclass, this is not it. They will get experiences and lessons learnt, from the people who lived them.

Less trouble

They will also have more tools to solve issues between themselves. Which means less problems upwards.

These are some of the topics we have delivered recently to give you some ideas, but none of this is premade. Once you get in touch we will discuss your needs and prepare a bespoke program specially for you.

Diversity and inclusion

This workshop was absolutely superb and a real stand out part of the whole conference. Azeem opened my eyes to so many important issues and I shall certainly strive to ensure that I fully embrace all aspects of EDI and to always be aware of bias in the workplace and beyond.

Krish worked alongside us to develop and deliver a bespoke programme for budding entrepreneurs. His approach to delivery strikes a unique balance between being deeply inspirational and generously humble.

RICH JONES - Community and Enterprise Development

Wellbeing, mental and physical

Krish is a catalyst for the sparking of ideas and is ever moving in is mission to make working for social good an essential feature of all of our working lives.

RICH JONES - Community and Enterprise Development

We often talk about bringing our whole selves to work and the exercises Krish led challenged us to continue being vulnerable, and to continue listening to and empowering one another.

SOPHIE PAYNE - Network Operations Manager Student Hubs

There’s something you must know. All of us, Krish, the team, and all of our ambassadors, we are not business people. That doesn’t mean we aren’t professional, don’t get it wrong. What I mean is that you shouldn’t expect us wearing suits, prominent handshakes and “we talk, you listen”.

With that said, if you want to have a true impact on the business, and leave everyone impressed on the way out, this is a very good investment.

Corporate Workshops
to Inspire

Get in touch to discuss the details
We often talk about bringing our whole selves to work and the exercises Krish led challenged us to continue being vulnerable, and to continue listening to and empowering one another.

Sophie Payne | Network Operations Manager Student Hubs

Some managers have these questions

We will discuss your needs over email first.

You will decide on the topics you’re interested into, the length of the workshop, and preferred dates.

With that we’ll prepare a proposal, including which ambassadors and team members will attend on the day and send it to you on a deck in a PDF file, along with a quote for the work.

From here, we can arrange a short call to solve last questions.

You get approval for the work.

We attend on the day, deliver the workshop, and leave.


We can arrange a series of workshops for your workplace, however it all depends on what it is that you are looking for and how best we can support. It can be 1 workshop of 2 hours, an entire day, or an entire week if you want.

Our aim isn’t to just turn up and be done. We want to leave a lasting impact and exceed all expectations and you may feel that a series of workshops may work better for your needs.

All of our workshops are delivered by our Ambassadors who have shared their story with Tales to Inspire.

Real-life people with lived experience to ensure real-life outcomes of the subject area that they are delivering on.

Our workshops have been delivered to small teams of 3-5 people and have been delivered to whole companies of 1,000 people.

It all depends on the outcomes that you are searching for.

Our workshops can be for a range of people within the workplace. Whether that be a specific leadership team, employees within your organisation or the entire company.

You let us know what your goals and outcomes are and who you aim to support and we will take care of the rest.

Corporate Workshops
to Inspire

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