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Unleash the power of storytelling within your school community!

Our bespoke solution is a collective endeavor to celebrate the unique journeys that shape your students and staff. Each tale becomes a brushstroke, painting a vivid mural of shared experiences, resilience, and triumph!

In a world of diverse backgrounds and experiences, our branded book becomes a symbol of unity. By sharing personal stories, you’re fostering a sense of belonging that transcends classrooms and corridors. This isn’t just a book; it’s a testament to the rich tapestry that makes your school a home for every individual.

Imagine a book that not only captures the essence of your school but intertwines with narratives from multiple institutions. Our project extends an invitation to collaboration, creating a masterpiece that showcases the collective strength and togetherness of diverse educational communities.

Provide your students and staff with a platform to share their inspirational tales. Empower them to become authors of their narratives, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. This isn’t just a book; it’s an affirmation of the incredible stories that shape your educational ecosystem.

Collaborate with multiple schools simultaneously and create a single, powerful volume that echoes the themes and togetherness shared across educational institutions. It’s doesn’t just have to be a book for one school; it’s a collective masterpiece that transcends boundaries and celebrates the beauty of diversity.

Here’s how it works for you (and specially your pupils)

Tailored Solutions

Our process is bespoke, ensuring that your book reflects the unique identity of your school.


and empowerment of young people. We capture stories that break prejudices of any kind. Students and staff alike can find role models within the pages, fostering a culture of leadership and empowerment.

Understand your story

We don't just turn up can interview individuals. We take each person through one of our storytelling masterclasses, supporting each person to uncover hidden gems from their story that they may have forgotten.

The price

The price is according to your needs, the amount of stories you would like to us share and how you want the end product to feel.

Age and number

From Key Stage 1 all the way through to college students. From small groups of under 30 people to capturing the stories of many more!

Lasting legacy

Our project has the potential to evolve into a documentary series, capturing the essence of each story in a visual narrative. Imagine the power of showcasing your school's journey and the inspiring tales within, reaching a broader audience and leaving a lasting legacy.

A live experience

Imagine a grand book launch, where the narratives come to life on stage, creating an unforgettable event for students, staff, and the entire school community. An immersive experience that resonates beyond the pages.

Integrated into the curriculum

These stories serve as engaging resources for:
- PSHE programs that touch on aspects of personal development, well-being, and social responsibility.
- Leadership Development by highlighting qualities such as resilience, and the journey to success.
- Geography Integration by exploring unique landscapes through a diverse lens of cultures and perspectives.
- Religious Studies and the narratives that explore the importance of faith and human experience.

Community connection

By sharing personal stories, the book fosters a sense of belonging that transcends classrooms and hallways, symbolizing unity and showcasing the true impact of your people and the roles they play within the community.

Empowerment of Students and Staff

We provide a platform for students and staff to share their inspirational tales, allowing them to become authors of their narratives and fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

This is Us Project

“It was an opportunity for people to listen to me, that doesn’t happen much. I want more people to hear my story. We might not think our stories are inspiring, but some people might be inspired by them.” Student at Ladybridge High School

“I found the workshops really empowering and thought-provoking for the pupils. Krish and Madiha quickly built great relationships with the pupils, putting them at ease, making them laugh and take part in nuanced discussions. I could also see how positive and energised pupils were after the 121 interviews. Krish and Madiha were sensitive to the traumas some pupils carry, as well as their English language needs. The project so far has been so important as part of our effort to ensure international new arrival pupils feel they belong and are heard in our school community. It was such a pleasure having Krish and Madiha in the school!”

Catherine Collins – EAL Teacher, Abraham Moss School

Answer these initial questions to get in touch and start arranging things together
You have changed lives yet again this week. You are extraordinary people, and we are so incredibly lucky to have met you.

Lynn provost | Assistant Head Teacher, The Derby High School

Some teachers have these questions

This is Us

We will discuss your needs over email first.

You will decide on the reasons you’re interested in the project and what you would like to get from it, the amount of individuals you would like to have involved and preferred dates.

With that we’ll prepare a proposal, including a timeline and send it to you on a deck in a PDF file, along with a quote for the work.

From here, we can arrange a short call to solve last questions.

You get approval for the work.

We start the project.

All of our projects are delivered by Krish and the team of ambassadors who have shared their story with Tales to Inspire.

Real-life people with lived experience to ensure the best real-life outcome for you!

Once our proposal has been accepted and payment received we get to work!

Initially we will deliver our bespoke half day storytelling masterclass to the students (groups of 5 students at a time) for them to truly understand the project and uncover their own story, including the parts they may have forgotten or thought were not important.

Once all the masterclasses are completing, we get to interviewing each of the students, capturing their stories in an in person interview and then taking that to our in house writing team.

Once our writing team has worked their magic, we will provide your school with our first draft, so that the students can either take out anything they feel they no longer want to share or add in anything that they felt they missed.

Depending on which package the school has purchased, the school will then go and source their own book publishers or we have the books published directly for the school

Yes, all of them, and we will provide DBS certificates to schools prior to delivery.

No. Tales to Inspire is a social enterprise/community interest company. This means that we are a not-for profit organisation with all profits going back in to our social mission: impacting a diverse array of communities whilst inspiring others that there is nothing that they cannot breakthrough.

From the first storytelling masterclass to the final product, we usually say this can be done within 4 months. This is dependent on availability of the school and students for interviews.

We are based in Greater Manchester. However, our facilitators are based around the country which means that we can provide bespoke workshops for you in a variety of locations.

The This is Us project starts at £6,800 capturing the stories of 30 people within your school community.

The true worth, however, extends far beyond the price tag. 

Consider it an investment in potential. The stories unveiled can ensure your school’s legacy reaches wider audiences. This potential for lasting impact makes every pound worthwhile.


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