Elliot Taylor (9 Years old)

This month we meet Inspiring 9 year old Elliot, who’s been clocking up the miles for the Homeless!! A couple of weeks ago Tales to Inspire had the pleasure of meeting with inspirational nine-year-old Elliot Taylor, together with his Mum Teresa. Elliot from Southend, Essex, decided at the start of the year that he wanted […]

Damian Owens

“My life motto is – Be your own hero” My name is Damian Owens, I work for a charity called Foundation 92 and aim to spend my life trying to inspire and motivate others. I was born and raised in Bolton and come from a very large family, I have 8 siblings in total. Despite […]

Krish Patel

Today is our 50th episode. That is 50 episodes to Inspire you and what a journey it has been. We have shared stories from people around the globe and our tales have been listened to in 34 different countries. This special episode shares snippets of inspiration from Jamie Rudd, Lucy Shepherd, Luke Tyburski, Saeed Atcha […]

Krish Patel

Krish grew up in Bolton, and when asked by his primary school teacher “what do you want to be when you grow up?” His answer was a no brainer: a professional footballer. A self confused chubby kid, Krish was disheartened when his teacher suggested this may not be a realistic dream, and he should have […]

Nicola Sansom

From Shy Beginnings to a Life-Altering Journey  The baby of the family, painfully shy and partially deaf. That was me, growing up in Derbyshire, and later Buckinghamshire with my loving parents and older sister. A long way away from the African streets where I focus so much of my time nowadays. I left high school […]

Danny Collins

Danny’s Duality: From Prestige to Homelessness” I have performed Nessun Dorma in Manchester Cathedral five times and have recently performed at the Royal Academy of Music. If I told you nothing else, you would probably create an image in your head of a well presented man with a slick hairstyle wearing a very expensive jacket. […]

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