Honestly, donating is so worth it. If you can get over your initial hesitations, you will quickly realise the tangible benefit it will have to someone else’s life.

Our project will see us engaging with employers in the North East and Cumbria* to encourage them to raise awareness of Living Kidney Donation (LKD) within their communities and how to foster kindness throughout their organisations. 

The project is being managed by Azeem Ahmad, our Head of Enterprise Operations. As well as being an inclusion expert, Azeem donated one of his kidneys in 2019 and has supported LKD awareness raising in mainstream and specialist media. He’s also delivered virtual workshops on blood, stem cell and organ donation to Key Stage 3 and 4 students for Tales to Inspire.

*Although our funding is for delivery in the North East and Cumbria we are happy to work with organisations across England, particularly those serving Black and Asian communities.

Our planned activities - and how you can support us

What we’re doing 


How you can help

Research with existing living kidney donors to identify what enabled their donation.

Research with renal care teams to understand cultural training needs. 

April – June

If you’re a living kidney donor or are involved in renal patient care and would like to participate in our research please click here

Developing awareness resources for potential donors and employers

April – August

If you’re an employer, HR manager or consultant and want to help save lives please click here.

Hosting a Kindness Conference in central Newcastle. 

We’ll be sharing the impact of living kidney donation, and showing how workplaces can use kindness to improve performance and reduce inequalities.  

6th September (face to face and online)

Register here for updates on the line-up and ticketing. 

Delivering Kind Leadership training.

To ensure the legacy of our project we will be supporting organisation leaders to embed kindness across their work. 

This training is fully funded for not-for-profit organisations in the North East and Cumbria. 

September – February

Register here for updates on our Kind Leadership training.

If you’d like any more information about our project please email azeem@talestoinspire.com

Commercial Partners / Sponsors 

We are grateful to the following companies for their support: 

The Lifestyle Card https://www.thelifestylecard.co.uk/ 

Seekers https://seekersproperty.co.uk/ 

If your organisation would like to contribute to this project, or our work inspiring young people please email hello@talestoinspire.com.  

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