Magnus Wood

‘Kindness is the way that we’ll end up saving the planet.’ My name is Magnus Wood. I’m coming to you from a boat where I’m lucky enough to live and work. I’m the cofounder of the kindness corporation; kindness is my mission and purpose in life.  Growing up, I wanted to be in the army. […]

Mark Drager

‘Life is about becoming the person that you could become.’ My name is Mark Drager, and in many ways, I’d say I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world despite growing up in an abusive household. I grew up in a middle-class family in Canada. Everything looked rosy from the outside, but my home […]

Thomas Thor and Isaac Bakwira

‘Go and enjoy life, connect with people and try to show more love.’ My name is Thomas Thor. I’m the founder of El Cambio in Uganda, an academy which aims to spark change through the mode of football. I’m 40 years old, and I was born in Denmark. From the outside, my family appeared to […]

Monique Casey

Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, attempted suicide and bullying ‘Friendship, to me, is having that trust with somebody.’ My name is Monique Casey, and I work for Tales to Inspire. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with family issues and mental health, but now I focus on pursuing happiness, and I’ve learnt that a work environment can […]

Keji Moses

‘We must show compassion’ Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, Infant loss My name is Keji Moses. I’m a mother and founder of the charity Mayah’s Legacy, shining a light on the mental health impact of pregnancy loss. We intend to show people that their voice matters. I’m originally from Nigeria but have lived in the UK […]

Michelle Jones

“I transitioned from somebody who lived a life of chronic illness, to somebody that lives a life with chronic illness” My name is Michelle Jones. I am owner of a wedding consultancy but, most importantly, I have a startup business called Kindness Currency. I’m from a working class family in the northeast of England. I […]

Sandie Roberts

“Disabilities bring colour to humanity” My name is Sandie Roberts. I’ve overcome adversity to become a voice and representation for disabled women.  I currently live in the Cotswolds but I was originally born on the South Coast and have now lived all around the world. I have a spinal injury, some issues with my hips […]

Lisa Askem

“Sometimes you just have to go with not being normal” My name is Lisa Askem. I’m a yoga teacher, who passionately believes in the importance of enjoying yourself. I was born in Leeds to a very chaotic family. We were known as the party family. My mother particularly was very wild. She had me young, […]

Louise Woodward-Styles

“Stop trying to make those who don’t deserve your love love you back” My name is Louise Woodward-Styles. I’ve worked to overcome my childhood struggles to become the best version of myself and spread love to those who need it. I was born and raised in Salford, Lancashire and was the second oldest of 5 […]

Aaron Lee

“I passionately believe in helping each other and standing up for what’s right” My name is Aaron Lee. I’m a firefighter and ex-police officer, with the main goal of helping support others. I had a fantastic childhood! Growing up, my mum, dad and older brother were amazing; we had so much fun and were very […]

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