Patrick Davies

“We spend too much time looking ahead and feeling we have lost out, instead of looking behind and thinking we are doing okay” My name is Patrick Davies. I am an ex-diplomat and writer and have recently embarked on the mission of walking across the UK in order to fundraise for Alzheimer’s research I grew […]

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy

“I am because of others” My name is Pushpanath Krishnamurthy and I am a climate activist and humanitarian. I am originally from South India and grew up in Bangalore. I was very fortunate in my early childhood. My father had a successful coffee business and also worked in the air force during the war. Coffee […]

Lorraine Lewis

“Stop being so judgmental of other people and let them do what they need to do” My name is Lorraine Lewis, and I am the co-founder of the Lewis Foundation. While I believe that the foundation has given me purpose and takes up much of my time, I am also a lawyer for the Crown […]

Stacey Copeland

‘Leadership is action and not a title.’ My name is Stacey Copeland and I am a former professional footballer and boxer, who has competed on both the domestic and international stage.  During my childhood, I always maintained a dream of one day becoming a professional footballer. While boxing was also a passion of mine, women’s […]

Greig Trout

We are brought up being told that you need to have this, you need to have this, but that is not going to bring you happiness. From the age of seven when I was diagnosed with cancer that particularly impacted my kidneys. This was caught at stage four; therefore, it had already spread to various […]

Figen Murray

My name is Figen Murray, I am fifty-nine years old. I was born in Istanbul and moved to Germany when I was very young. I met my first husband and after initially living in Germany we moved to Manchester, England in 1983 and shortly after had two children, Daniel and Martyn. I have never longed […]

Luke Tyburski

“The one time when I believe I have been the most mentally tough is when I talked myself off the bridge”  Early Dreams and Challenges I am from a small country town that was obsessed with sports. I am also from a large and loving family that made my childhood pretty perfect. My parents instilled […]

Krish Patel

Krish grew up in Bolton, and when asked by his primary school teacher “what do you want to be when you grow up?” His answer was a no brainer: a professional footballer. A self confused chubby kid, Krish was disheartened when his teacher suggested this may not be a realistic dream, and he should have […]

Catherine Edsell

Being a Mother for the first time was one of the hardest experiences I had to go through. I felt trapped, alone and lost for the first time in my life. However, even after the years of difficulties I was able to turn things around and I hope my story can be one that inspires […]

Madiha Sosan

A Tough Beginning in Pakistan I’ve been through so much in my life but, no matter what, I will not be held back by the 15-year prison sentence I gave myself. Hi, I’m Madiha. I was born in Pakistan where I lived with my mother and father. We had no money, hardly any possessions; life […]

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