Rebecca Hartley

‘Affect Change With Your Actions’ My name is Rebecca Hartley, I am a mother, a business woman, a breast cancer survivor and ambassador. I was born in Birmingham but moved to Stockport when I was 6. As a mixed race girl, having only known Birmingham in all its vibrance and multiculturalism, the move to Stockport […]

Sandeep Saib

Trigger Warning: Suicide ‘to move forward you have to go backwards’ I am Sandeep Saib and I am a living experience mental health advocate. I really emphasise the ‘living’ in that title because I am still going through my own mental health journey. I am a philanthropist, public speaker and professional marketeer too and I […]

Heather Glover

People might say: ‘A Nurse! Starting a business? It’s like wanting to be a pilot!’ My name is Heather Glover, and I have worked as a nurse for most of my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my life transformed and I became a lingerie model and business owner at age 50.  My […]

Lorraine Lewis

“Stop being so judgmental of other people and let them do what they need to do” My name is Lorraine Lewis, and I am the co-founder of the Lewis Foundation. While I believe that the foundation has given me purpose and takes up much of my time, I am also a lawyer for the Crown […]

Greig Trout

We are brought up being told that you need to have this, you need to have this, but that is not going to bring you happiness. From the age of seven when I was diagnosed with cancer that particularly impacted my kidneys. This was caught at stage four; therefore, it had already spread to various […]

Avril Mills BEM

A Mother’s Journey My name is Avril Mills and I am the founder for the children’s charity The Dream Factory. Life has had many ups and downs and I’d like to take you on my journey. I lived most of my young life in Essex. My dream when I was a little girl was to […]

Meghan Smith

My name is Meghan and although I am only 28 years old, I have had to survive a number of hurdles to be here today. I’ll be taking you through these hurdles of having to live with an undiagnosed liver disease, requiring a transplant and how COVID-19 has affected me as a person at high-risk. […]

Anaya Kandola

Anaya is like most three-year-olds – she runs the Kandola household and keeps everyone on their toes with her love of life and yearning forevermore independence. An Unexpected Beginning From birth – Anaya has battled for her life.  For first-time parents Amrik and Joety – pregnancy was exciting and the sign of a new chapter […]

Rory Toser

A Promising Start I was born and raised in a small village in north Wales, living with my amazing family; mum, dad, and my older brother of 18 months. After high school, I started college but dropped out quite early on. I was in and out of dead-end jobs, including bar work in Greece before […]

Syd Barnes

The day I was born Manchester United beat Manchester City; which was a sign of the turmoil to come. I’m the eldest of three boys born to our care worker mother and gardener father; your typical loving family living on a Manchester council estate in the sixties. I never took school seriously and loved playing […]

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