Louise Johnstone

“ I take much more risks now, than I ever did as a kid and that comes from a lot of reflecting and a lot of years trying to improve and reflect.” My name is Louise Johnstone and I am a Dundee based personal trainer and endurance athlete. I have spent my career aiming to […]

Stacey Copeland

‘Leadership is action and not a title.’ My name is Stacey Copeland and I am a former professional footballer and boxer, who has competed on both the domestic and international stage.  During my childhood, I always maintained a dream of one day becoming a professional footballer. While boxing was also a passion of mine, women’s […]

Frit Tam

“Be your most authentic self” My name is Frit Tam, I am an adventurer, filmmaker, photographer and trans activist. I own a film studio called Passion Fruit Pictures; our soul mission is to add diversity and colour to the adventure film industry. I set up Passion Fruit Pictures when I became aware that because of […]

Joshua Thomas

A Childhood Shaped by Racism As a Black child growing up in Galesburg, Illinois I realized that my identity separated me from the rest of my community. At 11 years old, some of my friend’s parents would not allow them to hang out with me, as I was perceived as a threat just because of […]

Nathaniel Hall

© Anton Mellor Uncovering My Truth I was in school all the way through Section 28, which prohibited the promotion and discussion of homosexuality in the school environment. It was a homophobic place with often severe bullying. I was a straight-A student with a passion for theatre and went on to become head boy, but […]

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