Pete Sincock

Trigger Warning: Child Abuse and Suicide  “People need to understand that there are two very different things, a cry for attention and a cry for help” I’m Pete Sincock and my journey through life has been rocked with trials and tribulations, but resilience and the power of human connection have helped transform my life.  I […]

Meg Holloway

“You’ve got a responsibility to change, improve, and explore yourself. It’s time to focus inward” I am Meg and I am a life coach. My mission is to help overthinkers and self-doubters to master their minds. I have lived with my partner in the Lake district now for 18 months but I was born in […]

Rio Timberlane

“ If we can give away our power, we have the ability to take that power back.” I was born in the Hollywood area of LA county and they lost my birth certificate! When I went looking for it a few years back, I found it in an obscure, hidden place in a government building’s […]

Isaac Winton-Hayes

“What matters the most is what I do at a human level” My name is Isaac Winton-Hayes. I am a 17-year-old young professional, dedicated to demonstrating the potential of young people and the importance of humanity. I was born in Manchester and have lived here for almost my entire life. I had a fairly normal […]

Isaac Kenyon

“The definition of inspiration is to help someone who may not believe in themselves, to then believe in themselves.” My name is Isaac Kenyon. I am a geologist, a trustee for the charity ‘Mind’ and have spent many years committed to raising awareness of different climate projects, through the mode of adventure.  I was raised […]

Lee Chambers

Finding My Path I grew up in Bolton from a mixed-race background in a working class setting. Initially at primary school I was curious but disruptive, however it quickly became clear that with a little focus I could achieve excellent grades. I went on to become the first member of my family to attend university, […]

Jonathan Beever

A serious crash changed my life forever. Not many people would say that a car accident would have made them a better person, but I hope I can show you how that happened for me. Life Before the Crash I was born and raised on a council estate in Wigan. We had very little money […]

Catherine Edsell

Being a Mother for the first time was one of the hardest experiences I had to go through. I felt trapped, alone and lost for the first time in my life. However, even after the years of difficulties I was able to turn things around and I hope my story can be one that inspires […]

Daniel Jones

If you were to tell the younger version of me that I was destined to be a professional YouTuber, I would never have believed you. My journey has been full of twists and turns and I hope my tale will encourage anyone who comes across it to do what they enjoy. A Troubled Start As […]

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