The Importance of Mental Health for Men 

What is Men’s mental health?

Men’s Mental Health Month aims to destigmatize mental health challenges among men and promote open conversations. Awareness initiatives highlight the unique struggles men may face, emphasising the importance of seeking help. Societal norms surrounding masculinity create a toxic environment of silence. The month encourages men to prioritise their mental well-being, fostering an environment where they feel comfortable discussing their emotions. By spotlighting mental health concerns specific to men, the campaign seeks to reduce the stigma, raise awareness, and encourage support networks for improved mental health outcomes.

Our Commitment to men’s mental health:

At Tales to Inspire, we recognise the significance of Men’s Mental Health. Collaborating with our ambassadors, we delved into our archives to spotlight extraordinary men who have confronted mental health challenges. These individuals have not only navigated the complexities of mental health but have also contributed to enhancing support and awareness. Their stories extend beyond resilience, inspiring personal growth, and entrepreneurship as a testament to the transformative power of addressing and overcoming mental health obstacles. We are dedicated to sharing narratives that promote understanding, compassion, and dialogue surrounding men’s mental well-being.       

Quick Facts About Men’s Mental Health

     1.  Leading Cause of Death: Suicide is a major concern; globally, over 500,000 men die by suicide each year, roughly one every minute.

     2.    Underreporting: Men may be less likely to report mental health issues, contributing to higher rates of undiagnosed conditions.

     3.   The Movember charity group raised $121 million in 2022 hoping to raise even more this year

Loong Ly’s: “Finding happiness in the unexpected”

Loong Ly’s transformative journey from a challenging upbringing in Hackney to becoming a school coach underscores the profound link between movement and mental health. As a football enthusiast, Ly faced adversity due to societal stereotypes but persevered with a strong belief in his abilities. Tragedy struck at 17 with a friend’s stabbing, leading to a pause in his playing career. Resilience prevailed, and he navigated scholarship programs in the U.S., overcoming financial struggles and subpar conditions. Football took him to Tasmania and Hong Kong, but the realisation that life held more than sports guided his return. Ly found purpose as a special educational needs assistant, incorporating the lessons of resilience and movement into coaching, illustrating the transformative impact of physical activity on mental well-being.

Inspiring Change

Our incredible ambassadors at Tales to Inspire have made a tangible impact on the lives of so many who have struggled with mental health issues. The stigma surrounding men’s mental health often revolves around ideas of it not being “traditionally masculine”. An effective way to destigmatise men’s mental health has been involving a sports environment as a safe space to talk and seek help.

What can you do?

Manchester Mind has been supporting those with mental illness for 30 years and they continue to help those in Manchester going through challenging times today. See what you can do to support them on their mission.

Learn More and Seek Support


Loong’s Story

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