Marginalisation caused by the Palestine and Israel conflict

The horrific conflict between Palestine and Israel has caused a devastating loss of human life. The repercussions of the conflict have been experienced worldwide, one of which has been a rise of both islamophobia and antisemitism. These prejudices have had a tragic and long legacy in the Western world and current global affairs have seen a spike in both of them.

Antisemitism – Dislike of or prejudice against Jewish people

Islamophobia – Dislike of or prejudice against Islam/ Muslims

A Met police report has seen a 140% increase in Islamophobic hate crimes and a 1350% rise in antisemitic hate crimes.

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is extremely polarising. It is easy to get swept away in the heated political discussions however the fact of the matter is people are dying. While the temporary truce has prevented the atrocities for now, the long-term repercussions of the conflict will unfortunately lead to continued prejudice throughout the world.

Our Commitment

Here at Tales to Inspire we strongly believe in an equal society, one without prejudice and hate. Unfortunately, our society continues to be ridden with these burdens. We have sifted through our archives and, with our ambassadors’ help, found a couple of tales of incredible people who have fought against prejudice.

Joshua Thomas: Creating a Racism Free Society

Joshua, growing up in Galesburg, Illinois, faced early racial prejudice and the struggle of concealing his identity as a gay Black individual. Battling internalised stereotypes, he endured a tumultuous journey, including a near-fatal suicide attempt. Relocating to Portland for a fresh start, he encountered racism and isolation, prompting a spiritual journey with Nichiren Buddhism that reshaped his perspective.

Joshua’s narrative underscores the insidious effects of racism on mental health and self-worth. His experiences highlight the urgent need for a racism-free society, emphasizing the systemic, institutional, and internalized nature of racism. Despite acknowledging the ongoing challenge, Joshua remains dedicated to dismantling these structures and advocating for lasting change, urging collective efforts toward a more inclusive and equitable future.

Pammy Johal: Celebrating diversity through adventure

Pammy Johal, founder of ‘Backbone,’ traces her journey from a traditional Sikh upbringing in Coventry to a life shaped by a passion for the outdoors. Despite family expectations, she embraced adventure, leading to transformative experiences, including reconnecting with her roots in Nepal and India. Facing familial challenges, she confronted stereotypes about marriage and children, ultimately gaining family support through open communication.

Now, Pammy channels her life philosophy—believing “life is too short to wear tight shoes”—into ‘Backbone.’ Recognizing the negative effects of prejudice, she works to make the outdoors accessible to women from minority backgrounds. ‘Backbone’ challenges traditional outdoor organizations, aiming to transform communities and amplify minority voices. Pammy’s journey underscores the need for a society where everyone, regardless of background, can access and benefit from outdoor experiences.

Prejudice in society

Both Muslim and Jewish communities have previously felt unprotected by the state from hate crimes. Such crimes are often evoked through a lack of education on people from social backgrounds different to themselves. As long as ignorance remains, so too will the hateful prejudice we see worldwide. For many the solution to this hate is proper education.

What can I do?

Stop Hate UK fight hate and discrimination with educational courses and training designed to tackle hate in all its forms. You can Support Stop Hate UK by fundraising for them to invest more in the services they provide to people affected by Hate Crimes.

This article was written by John Matthews on behalf of Tales to Inspire.

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