Supporting Marginalised Communities by Celebrating Differences

Our commitment to supporting marginalised communities 

Here at Tales to Inspire we believe it is important for us to do our bit to raise awareness of marginalised communities and celebrate our differences. So, we sought out to interview some brand new ambassadors who shared with us their incredible life stories. They showcased some amazing people who have not  experienced what it’s like to be from marginalised communities but also wear this with pride, fighting discrimination and celebrating difference. 

Why inclusion is paramount 

Social inclusion is important for a person’s dignity, security and opportunity to lead a better life.

It has been proven over and over again how important it is to support individuals to feel connected and valued within society and address any form of social exclusion people are experiencing every day.

Research shows participating in society and having people you can rely on are key determinants of health and wellbeing and one of the most powerful predictors of positive outcomes 

Our Ambassadors

Yatin Mistry: ‘be your authentic self’ 

Yatin Mistry is a proud, gay, British Indian, but his life hasn’t always been this way. Growing up in the Asian community, Yatin had a lot of internalised homophobia. He was ashamed thinking that something was wrong with him. 

Yatin travelled to India to help disadvantaged children in schools, it was here that he talked to the headmaster. The headmaster told Yatin that every year at school there would be boys who would say they had crushes on other boys. This school was so far away from the west, yet children were still gay. 

Yatin realised that he too was gay.  Yatin is now eleven years married to his husband. Yatin shares his story to help others find themselves and promote inclusion that he grew up without. 

Alex Winstanely: ‘A Commitment to Inclusivity and Positive Impact’

Alex Volunteered with a local charity, Embrace Wigan, which opened his  eyes to the transformative power of providing care and support for disabled individuals. But the limitations within the education system pushed him  to seek greater impact.  As a secondary PE teacher Alex felt the constraints of the education system and chose to step away to pursue a more impactful role aligned with his beliefs of inclusion. 

This period led to the conception of Happy Smiles, a community interest company, aiming to challenge societal perceptions of disability. Happy Smiles, primarily a training provider, delivers sessions led by disabled individuals on disability awareness, confidence building, and inclusive language. The emphasis is on the social model of disability, emphasising that societal barriers, not impairments, disable individuals.

Inspiring inclusion and celebrating differences 

Here at Tales to Inspire our ambassadors have taught us that when we commit to  Inclusivity and Positive Impact then we live in  celebration of diversity and be our authentic selves. 

This article was written by Millie Davies on behalf of Tales to Inspire 

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Supporting Marginalised Communities by Celebrating Differences

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