Alex Winstanley

“True education goes beyond imparting knowledge; it should empower individuals to pursue their passions. Over the past decade, I’ve witnessed the systemic marginalisation of disabled individuals, a community often denied opportunities and recognition. This injustice has been a driving force behind my current position. Marginalised communities encompass a broad spectrum, including those with disabilities and […]

Steph Marie

Trigger warning: Child Abuse and Bullying “Learning that my disability doesn’t define me” My name is Steph Marie, I am from Bury and I am a social influencer, chat show host and a historian and I also have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy means that the part of the brain that sends signals is damaged. It […]

Andy Craddock

“Disability has not stopped me from being the person that I am”. My name is Andy Craddock. I went through life as an able-bodied person until I acquired a disability in adulthood. I’m from Birmingham. I come from a working-class family, and my father was in the military. Both my parents passed away a couple […]


This week we have a very different podcast episode. We are sharing one of our very own ‘CPD to Inspire’ Workshops focussed on accessibility 🤩 Azeem leads our CPD to Inspire Programme, and he has T2I Ambassadors Isaac Harvey and Sandie Roberts with him sharing their lived experiences and discussing what can be done to […]

Paul Betney

‘Life is about living your best life.’ My name is Paul Betney. After growing up in a difficult environment, I moved to Tokyo to try and escape my problems, but I’m currently working as a self-employed therapist back in Liverpool. Throughout my life, I’ve realised there’s no point in running from your problems. I grew […]

Monique Casey

Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, attempted suicide and bullying ‘Friendship, to me, is having that trust with somebody.’ My name is Monique Casey, and I work for Tales to Inspire. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with family issues and mental health, but now I focus on pursuing happiness, and I’ve learnt that a work environment can […]

Michelle Jones

“I transitioned from somebody who lived a life of chronic illness, to somebody that lives a life with chronic illness” My name is Michelle Jones. I am owner of a wedding consultancy but, most importantly, I have a startup business called Kindness Currency. I’m from a working class family in the northeast of England. I […]

Sandie Roberts

“Disabilities bring colour to humanity” My name is Sandie Roberts. I’ve overcome adversity to become a voice and representation for disabled women.  I currently live in the Cotswolds but I was originally born on the South Coast and have now lived all around the world. I have a spinal injury, some issues with my hips […]

Lindy Witkowska

“The world is built for able people, disabled people aren’t inherently unable” My name is Lindy Witkowska. I am a wife, mother of 4, burlesque dancer, bodybuilder and am committed to helping those around me. I grew up in Liverpool in the 1980s which meant I was surrounded by poverty. My mother and biological father […]

Nana Marfo

“Society may think that disabled people are losing the battle of living a normal life, but in reality, we are living our best life, just in a unique manner” My name is Nana Marfo and I am an advocate for improving the rights of individuals with disabilities. While society likes to use the term ‘disability,’ […]

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