Damian Owens

“My life motto is – Be your own hero” My name is Damian Owens, I work for a charity called Foundation 92 and aim to spend my life trying to inspire and motivate others. I was born and raised in Bolton and come from a very large family, I have 8 siblings in total. Despite […]

Aaron Baker

It all started one Christmas when I was 3 years old. I received the gift of a tiny motorcycle and before long I was hooked on motorcycles and started racing.  I was successful as an amateur racer and dreamed of becoming a National Champion and actually did achieve this.  In 1999, in my rookie season […]

Ashley Kesner

My name is Ashley Kesner, and I grew up in a small town in the state of Pennsylvania. I had very supportive parents and one brother at home, living a happy life at high school with lots of friends and passion for cheerleading. I had experienced a ‘wobble’ emotionally at the age of 12, which […]

Luke Tyburski

“The one time when I believe I have been the most mentally tough is when I talked myself off the bridge”  I am from a small country town that was obsessed with sports. I am also from a large and loving family that made my childhood pretty perfect. My parents instilled in me a strong […]

Josh Connolly

Drugs, alcohol and an unstable upbringing. I wouldn’t say my life journey is one of normality or one that has been easy, but it certainly has led me to some of the amazing work that I do today. I am going to start my story at 25 years of age when I walked into a […]

Luke Sutton

My name is Luke Sutton. I was a professional cricketer for roughly seventeen years and I had the pleasure of playing with some of the best players in the world. My life would look fulfilled and complete to fans and strangers alike. However, there is so much more to my story that I’d like to […]

Sean Bailey

– If I told you that I had met Michelle Obama, David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson, you might think I was some kind of sporting celebrity. However, the journey that I’ve taken is perhaps not what you would expect… I’m Sean, born in Newton Le Willows in North West England. Growing up, we didn’t […]