Yatin Mistry

‘when you let your light shine you give others permission to do the same’ My name is Yatin Mistry, I’m a proud, gay, British Indian, but it hasn’t always been this way… I grew up in the 1980’s in  Essex and went to a school where everything was whitewashed and racism was merely accepted. I […]

Lee Chambers

Finding My Path I grew up in Bolton from a mixed-race background in a working class setting. Initially at primary school I was curious but disruptive, however it quickly became clear that with a little focus I could achieve excellent grades. I went on to become the first member of my family to attend university, […]

Sarah Williams

Finding My True Path My name is Sarah, the founder of Tough Girl Challenges and the host of the Tough Girl Podcast. I am an author, motivational speaker, podcaster and adventurer but the road to success has been long, difficult and full of challenges…. I was always active and loved doing all sorts of sports. […]

Nathaniel Hall

© Anton Mellor Uncovering My Truth I was in school all the way through Section 28, which prohibited the promotion and discussion of homosexuality in the school environment. It was a homophobic place with often severe bullying. I was a straight-A student with a passion for theatre and went on to become head boy, but […]

Nicola Sansom

From Shy Beginnings to a Life-Altering Journey  The baby of the family, painfully shy and partially deaf. That was me, growing up in Derbyshire, and later Buckinghamshire with my loving parents and older sister. A long way away from the African streets where I focus so much of my time nowadays. I left high school […]

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