Harrison Ward

Trigger Warning: Suicide ‘Alcohol is optional’ My name is Harrison Ward, I am also known as Fell Foodie. I am a mental health advocate with a passion for cooking, hiking and combining the two. I grew up in Carlisle in a loving and supporting family. As a child I was this happy go lucky, glass […]

Adya Misra

 ‘I like seeing people’s faces light up when they are doing something they didn’t think they could do because I was the same.’ My name is Adya, I’m originally from Newcastle and I live in The Wirral. I’ve lived in many places over the years. My parents were first-generation immigrants from South Asia. I’m talking […]

Siobhan Daniels

Trigger warning: mention of child abuse “I feel like I’m on the edge of the cliff and I’m ready to jump and I’m excited, I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’m there, it’s too late for me to crawl back.” I’m Siobhan Daniels, I’m 63 years of age. I worked for the BBC […]

Thomas Thor and Isaac Bakwira

‘Go and enjoy life, connect with people and try to show more love.’ My name is Thomas Thor. I’m the founder of El Cambio in Uganda, an academy which aims to spark change through the mode of football. I’m 40 years old, and I was born in Denmark. From the outside, my family appeared to […]

Pammy Johal

“Life is too short to wear tight shoes” My name is Pammy Johal. I’m the founder and operations director of ‘Backbone’, an organisation seeking to ignite a relationship between people from minority backgrounds and the outdoors. I grew up in Coventry, with a wonderful family around me. My parents moved to the UK, from India, […]

Isaac Kenyon

“The definition of inspiration is to help someone who may not believe in themselves, to then believe in themselves.” My name is Isaac Kenyon. I am a geologist, a trustee for the charity ‘Mind’ and have spent many years committed to raising awareness of different climate projects, through the mode of adventure.  I was raised […]

Rachel White

“Reading a book is a way to travel without travelling” My name is Rachel White. I am a mental health and climate activist, with a background in helping young people, and have spent the last few years seeking adventure through drawing strength from the natural world. I grew up in Essex, in a small village, […]

Billy Taylor

“I want people to know that you can change your life around” My name is Billy Taylor, I currently work as a contract firefighter and have spent the last decade embarking on adventures, as an ocean rower, and fundraising for different causes. I was born and raised in a small market town, on the River […]

Patrick Davies

“We spend too much time looking ahead and feeling we have lost out, instead of looking behind and thinking we are doing okay” My name is Patrick Davies. I am an ex-diplomat and writer and have recently embarked on the mission of walking across the UK in order to fundraise for Alzheimer’s research I grew […]

Jason Rawles

“I can either sit around and let it crush me, or I can sit up and be a beacon of hope” My name is Jason Rawles and I am the founder of two businesses, Aspire Adventures Academy and Aspire Leadership Academy. I have turned my life around through understanding the value of the outdoors and […]

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