Andy Hall

Trigger Warning: Suicide “Life is about living and suffering” My name is Andy Hall, I am a dad, a husband, a mentor and a public speaker. I grew up the youngest of a large and complicated  family on a council estate in Oldham. I didn’t much like education. One day, the career guidance counsellor made […]

Paul Betney

‘Life is about living your best life.’ My name is Paul Betney. After growing up in a difficult environment, I moved to Tokyo to try and escape my problems, but I’m currently working as a self-employed therapist back in Liverpool. Throughout my life, I’ve realised there’s no point in running from your problems. I grew […]

Monique Casey

Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, attempted suicide and bullying ‘Friendship, to me, is having that trust with somebody.’ My name is Monique Casey, and I work for Tales to Inspire. Throughout my life, I’ve struggled with family issues and mental health, but now I focus on pursuing happiness, and I’ve learnt that a work environment can […]

Chris Howarth

Alcohol turned me into a completely different person. It was self-medication for my social anxiety. It got to the point where I would need to have a drink to be able to hold a conversation with my own family! I grew up in Preston on a council estate, living a relatively normal childhood. I was […]

Ashley Kesner

My name is Ashley Kesner, and I grew up in a small town in the state of Pennsylvania. I had very supportive parents and one brother at home, living a happy life at high school with lots of friends and passion for cheerleading. I had experienced a ‘wobble’ emotionally at the age of 12, which […]

Josh Connolly

Drugs, alcohol and an unstable upbringing. I wouldn’t say my life journey is one of normality or one that has been easy, but it certainly has led me to some of the amazing work that I do today. I am going to start my story at 25 years of age when I walked into a […]

Sean Bailey

– If I told you that I had met Michelle Obama, David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson, you might think I was some kind of sporting celebrity. However, the journey that I’ve taken is perhaps not what you would expect… I’m Sean, born in Newton Le Willows in North West England. Growing up, we didn’t […]

Danny Collins

I have performed Nessun Dorma in Manchester Cathedral five times and have recently performed at the Royal Academy of Music. If I told you nothing else, you would probably create an image in your head of a well presented man with a slick hairstyle wearing a very expensive jacket. If I told you that I […]

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