Creating Magical Moments with Rob Temple

Ep.25 04/03/2021

“ I want to enjoy everything I do every day, and I want to do it with people I enjoy spending time with.”

Rob always found it hard to fit in, but from a young age something magical happened. A magician came to school and changed Rob’s life forever.

The power of our experiences as a child can change our lives and hypnosis and magic was one of those things that really connected to Rob and sparked the rest of his life.

Magic transcends all language barriers, and it can capture you in the moment. Magic helped with Rob’s education and served as a bridge towards connecting to other people.

Rob discusses minds are so fascinating and how overcoming struggles and self-doubt, especially as a child can have such a huge effect.

Rob has not tried to live to anybody else’s expectations, tapping into his own authentic self. A journey of not depending on the external and taking control and living in alignment with your passion.



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