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March 3, 2021

‘Always take action, never rely on fate’

Discovering Magic

My name is Rob Temple, and growing up I had a really hard time fitting in. I was the least sporty person ever and I noticed that most boys made their friends around sports, which I just couldn’t do.

When I was around 4, a magician came to perform in my school. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and I decided I wanted to learn magic. I pestered my parents and eventually they got me a magic set. I very quickly realised that magic gave me the ability to bond with other people, without having to have an awkward conversation with them, talking about the weather or sports.

Conquering Stage Fright

I knew I wanted to be a performer for the rest of my life. When I was 9, I was asked to do a show for the brownies, but when  I walked out on stage I just froze.

The thought that I might not be able to do the thing I love because I didn’t have the right confidence was terrifying to me. It’s something I have contended with all my life.

But I pushed on, practising magic every day.I then saw a hypnotist performing and was baffled by it. It seemed almost a myth and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

I started investigating and learnt about how to harness the brain to feel happy, sad, anxious, to believe like it was Michael Buble …. The list goes on.  

I got through my GCSE’s and A levels, and thought about going to university. Realistically I knew I wanted to perform, so I took a gap year. I did a few shows at local pubs which went well. Then a local hypnotist who had helped my act in the past got in touch, asking if I wanted to fill in for him on a show in Greece for the summer.

From Greece to Growth

I was so young that the idea of moving to Greece on my own was a terrifying concept. I decided to go for it. I touched down in Kos, jumped in a taxi and arrived at the bar I was working for. All the workers came to greet me and we instantly became like a  family.

It was a life changing experience, I realised I was popular and people actually enjoyed spending time with me. I became my authentic self. I did this for 4 summer seasons, but decided to stop when I collapsed from dehydration. I had run myself into the ground.

Corporate Magic

When I came back I met with a friend who was a mind reader, his main gigs were corporate events. He told me how much money he was making and I wanted in.  

I started researching a way into the corporate gigs, but the hypnotism industry was on its knees.

I noticed that it was the universities that had all the money, and that they would pay me to do shows in freshers week. I was great, I performed in a different city every night, and after I would head out in the town with the students. I got the university experience without any of the debt.

I also found a way into the wedding industry, this was met with success as well. I was on a roll.

Beyond Hypnotism

More recently I have started up a business which helps other businesses improve their email marketing. It is my skills as a hypnotist which have given me the tools to be able to achieve this.

What’s more, I have  started a brand and podcast called Success Unlocked, where I share the skills I have learnt about mindset and brain control to improve people’s lives.

My goal is to help 1 million people turn their lives around for the better using Success Unlocked.

My philosophy is never to rely on fate and to take action. Fate for me is whatever is left once everyone else has got a slice of the pie. 

This blog was written by Millie Davies based on the interview with Tales to Inspire.

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