Isaac Kenyon

“The definition of inspiration is to help someone who may not believe in themselves, to then believe in themselves.” My name is Isaac Kenyon. I am a geologist, a trustee for the charity ‘Mind’ and have spent many years committed to raising awareness of different climate projects, through the mode of adventure.  I was raised […]

Rachel White

“Reading a book is a way to travel without travelling” My name is Rachel White. I am a mental health and climate activist, with a background in helping young people, and have spent the last few years seeking adventure through drawing strength from the natural world. I grew up in Essex, in a small village, […]

Kim De Coster

“I don’t need the world to know that I have made a difference” My name is Kim De Coster and I have a passion for sustainability, even founding my own business based on making the world a better place, through the power of sustainability. I was born and raised in Belgium, in a large family, […]

Chris Bryce

“Real leadership is just leading yourself” My name is Christian Bryce and I am an entrepreneur from Toronto, Canada. My work focuses on how businesses can have a positive impact. I like to explore new ways of leveraging businesses and I have a passion for the outdoors and community engagement.  The first chapter of my […]

Pushpanath Krishnamurthy

“I am because of others” My name is Pushpanath Krishnamurthy and I am a climate activist and humanitarian. I am originally from South India and grew up in Bangalore. I was very fortunate in my early childhood. My father had a successful coffee business and also worked in the air force during the war. Coffee […]

David Haze

“Life is not about money, it is about living your happiest life and embracing that” My name is David Haze and I am a consultant within the criminal justice system who advocate for reform centred around rehabilitation. Having made mistakes, and spent time in prison, I have had to undertake a journey of self-discovery to […]

Bruce Crowther

“If you bang your head against a brick wall long enough it will fall, but it may give you a serious headache” My name is Bruce Crowther and I am the founder of the Fair Trade Town Movement and I have also received an MBE for my services to Fairtrade and Oxfam.  Interestingly, however, my […]

Jordan Wylie

“Opportunities are like standing on the platform at a train station, but the train doesn’t stop to say I am an opportunity, you just have to grab one of them.” My name is Jordan Wylie and I am an extreme adventurer, former soldier and international best-selling author. My story starts with humble beginnings, situated in […]

Lucy Shepherd

“Telling kids off for daydreaming is criminal. Every good idea has come from thinking outside of the box, yet we force people to follow the system”. I never grew up thinking that I could have the job title or a career as an ‘adventurer’, but I would spend a lot of time during my childhood […]

Eve Kekeh

“Inspiration for me is having that spark and buzz and energy.” My name is Eve Kekeh. I’m the founder and director of Bundlee, the UK’s first baby clothing rental company. Different Shades I grew up in the suburbs of London, the oldest child to a Togolese father and an English mother.  As a mixed-race kid, […]

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