Hayley Xenophontos

Trigger warning: Sexual Abuse  “A hairdresser is a position of trust” My name is Hayley and I live in the Stockport area. I run a hair and wellbeing centre, where I specialise in hair loss solutions for women. I’m also an advocate for mental health. I do workshops including mindfulness, confidence and meditation. I was […]

Andy Craddock

“Disability has not stopped me from being the person that I am”. My name is Andy Craddock. I went through life as an able-bodied person until I acquired a disability in adulthood. I’m from Birmingham. I come from a working-class family, and my father was in the military. Both my parents passed away a couple […]

David Morgan

‘There is more to life than the corporate way’. My name is David Morgan. I help rehabilitate people leaving prison by giving them the skills to start their own businesses. I’ve always been fascinated with how things work. I liked computers and engineering from a young age. Looking back, many of my friends were geeky […]

Heather Glover

People might say: ‘A Nurse! Starting a business? It’s like wanting to be a pilot!’ My name is Heather Glover, and I have worked as a nurse for most of my life. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my life transformed and I became a lingerie model and business owner at age 50.  My […]

Paul Betney

‘Life is about living your best life.’ My name is Paul Betney. After growing up in a difficult environment, I moved to Tokyo to try and escape my problems, but I’m currently working as a self-employed therapist back in Liverpool. Throughout my life, I’ve realised there’s no point in running from your problems. I grew […]

Keji Moses

‘We must show compassion’ Trigger Warning: Domestic violence, Infant loss My name is Keji Moses. I’m a mother and founder of the charity Mayah’s Legacy, shining a light on the mental health impact of pregnancy loss. We intend to show people that their voice matters. I’m originally from Nigeria but have lived in the UK […]

Abhinav Goswami

“Our thoughts define what we are” My name is Abhinav Goswami. I have worked as a data scientist for some of the biggest companies in the world but ultimately realised that giving back to the natural world is the most important thing. I grew up in a remote village in India, without water, road connectivity […]

Sandie Roberts

“Disabilities bring colour to humanity” My name is Sandie Roberts. I’ve overcome adversity to become a voice and representation for disabled women.  I currently live in the Cotswolds but I was originally born on the South Coast and have now lived all around the world. I have a spinal injury, some issues with my hips […]

Andre Norman

“Jail is a place that people go to suffer in silence” My name is Andre Norman. I am an ex-convict, turned strategic planner and leadership developer, who is committed to demonstrating the importance of not quitting. I was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. My mom had a total of 6 children and my family […]

Louise Woodward-Styles

“Stop trying to make those who don’t deserve your love love you back” My name is Louise Woodward-Styles. I’ve worked to overcome my childhood struggles to become the best version of myself and spread love to those who need it. I was born and raised in Salford, Lancashire and was the second oldest of 5 […]