Igniting the spark within.

We collect stories about individuals who have made a difference.

We collect stories about individuals who have made a difference.

We use their Tales to Inspire people to outgrow themselves in education, work and life.

BlogCast to Inspire.

Be inspired by one of our +100 stories.

Read or listen to our ambassadors’ tales of mental health, motivation, kindness, resilience, adventure, overcoming adversity and almost everything in between.

Be inspired by the Blogcast listened to in over 75 countries around the world.

Or if you’re looking to inspire others, here’s...

What we do

to inspire

We focus on the foundation of society, since we think that’s the most powerful way to expand horizons.

Our team and our ambassadors use their stories to provide unique workshops for the education sector.

We think kids need to learn plenty that they can’t be taught at school, and aren’t being taught at home either.

Teachers deal with lots of pressure from both parents and head teachers. We help them to work better together, deal with burnout and routine. Thanks to stories of challenge and role models. 

Organisations then started reaching out, and since then we’ve seen how they can benefit even more from our ambassador’s Tales.

We have a range of solutions to support your organisation’s development, improve staff retention and support a culture that people want to join and stay part of.

to inspire

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