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Krish’s Workshops provide an actionable framework that embeds employee well-being into company culture and destigmatises mental health. The workshops usually take place with small groups of colleagues and last for approximately two hours.


Krish is one of the most impactful speakers around. He inspires crowds in the most varied of places. He is often booked in at corporate events throughout the country and can be found at educational institutes encouraging students to realise their own potential. There is no place to strange to make a meaningful difference.


Krish provides one on one and coaching clinics, often as a follow-up to workshops. He offers experiential, transformative coaching and is trained in the NLP coaching model.


Krish often speaks in schools and is active in many spheres within local communities. If you have an opportunity for Krish to contribute to your community – get in touch.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for then get in touch. Krish prides himself on being creative, especially when it involves making a positive impact.


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