The importance of having a purpose with Luke Tyburski

Ep.19 21/01/2021

“The one time when I believe I have been the most mentally tough, is when I talked myself off the bridge”

Luke started with a foundation given to him by his incredible parents that gave him the curiosity to think “what if I can”.

Luke always wanted to be a professional football player and ended up travelling the world pursuing his childhood dream and despite temporary success, at the age of 28 he retired from the game he loved so much. Luke’s entire purpose in life and identity surrounded itself around professional football and without that purpose he began to battle with depression.

Luke then decided that he needed something to focus on and signed himself up to run the marathon des sables, a race that consists of 6 marathons in 7 days across the Sahara desert to escape from his depression and the reality of his life. After successfully completing this daunting challenge, he went onto create his own ultimate triathlon. 2,000 km in 12 days. It began with a 12 24 km swim across the Gibraltar straight, followed by 1300 km bike ride and 14 marathons in 7 days. But during the training for such a successful challenge Luke found himself nearly committing suicide twice.

People now say that Luke is mentally tough for the extreme challenges he has overcome, but he says the time he was most mentally tough was when he talked himself off the bridge.  

A journey of self-discovery and the importance of having a purpose, prepare to be inspired!


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