Taking Ownership in Life with Rob Woollen

Ep.23 18/02/2021

Rob had a fairly normal childhood until he was ten years old when his brother got knocked over and killed. People get introduced to pets in their childhood, which also introduces them to death, however Rob’s introduction was a slightly larger version of that.

His brother Stevie passed away just before his 13th birthday and despite rob denying it had a big effect on him at the time, he can now look back and see just how hard it was growing up without his beloved brother

As a young 16 year old boy Rob wanted to go into the military, but because of his asthma he didn’t qualify on medical terms.

He ended up working in a lot of different jobs as he was growing up and truly believes that no matter what work you do, you have to try and be the best whilst you are in work. Whatever you do your work ethic has to be up there.

It is really important in life not to rush, and Rob decided to do a masters degree and despite getting a knock back saying he was not good enough for the programme, he persisted and got accepted.

Rob is now an associate lecturer, has a masters degree and now has a post graduate qualification in higher education.

He has realised that his experience is only relevant to his life. Comparing his life to others is not important to helping others and judging others negatively is not the way.

Your reality is your Truth!

Rob now works in wellbeing and does so much for so many people. He talks about the fear and self-care paradox, that when we need to do something the most, the things we need to do to help us the most, we are least inclined to do when we are suffering.

A Wellness action is really important. If you fill it in when you are in a good place, then when you need it, you are listening to your own advice.

Rob is some striving to take ownership in his own life and believes it is one of the best ways to move forward in life.


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