Jaime Thurston: Impacting lives through being kind

Ep.65 24/02/2022

“I wish a lot of charities were not needed”

Jaime Thurston is the founder and CEO of the brilliant charity 52 Lives. Jaime grew up in Australia and was surrounded by people within her family who showered her in kindness.

Jaime grew up wanting to be an author and after school started working as a journalist. However, our dreams do not always go to plan and Jaime was not happy writing articles on people who were in stressful situations and after having two children Jaime had a life changing moment.

She was shopping online for some second hand furniture when she saw a wanted ad from a woman who needed a rug for a floor that was so damaged, it was injuring her children’s feet. The lady told Jaime of the horrible domestic situation she’d been in: that the family had become homeless and that now they had a house, but with very little in it. Jaime ended up delivering that rug to the ladies house.

However, Jaime then emailed around to see what anyone else could give the family and the response was fantastic and that is when Jaime had the idea to create 52 Lives.

Originally, a facebook page to support a person or family every week of the year, the idea has grown to an incredible charity that has a community of over 100,000 people and helped over 12,000 people.

Gifts for people are varied from teeth for people, money, garden sheds, cards, amazon wish lists and so much more.

Jaime now focusses much of her time on modelling kindness for others and proving to others that we can indeed be the change we want to see in the world.


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