Inspiring people to take action on their ideas with Eve Kekeh

Ep.22 11/02/2021

Eve Kekeh is a young lady who has started her very own sustainable company.

Growing up in a mixed-race family in London, where Eve was the only black girl in her whole school. Everyone had blonde hair and she always wished she had other people’s features.

Eve had those feelings of not fully fitting into her society and when she went to Togo she wondered where her place in this world was. However, as she grew up she began to see the different cultures as a blessing.

A journey to be an entrepreneur can be a difficult one and Eve Created Bundlee. She started Bundlee at the beginning of 2018, a sustainable subscription-based company for modern parents, so that parents can rent their baby’s wardrobe and swap as they grow.

In one baby grow cycle it takes when baby grow it takes 260 litres of water and 21 kg of carbon is emitted in this production. Not to mention 300,000 pieces of clothing heading to landfill every week in the UK, and babies outgrowing 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years. This is Eve starter her sustainable company so that parents can Just swap them for the next size up.

Starting a business has been difficult for her as she had had no one to praise her when you have done well and nobody to lean on when it gets tough.

Get ready for a journey of sustainability and courage.

Eve is inspiring people to take action on their ideas!



Eve Kekeh

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