Abhinav Goswami: How to connect to your roots

“Our thoughts define what we are”

Abhinav’s life started from humble beginnings in a village in India. As a child he supported his father whilst looking after cattle and his simple dreams were to have more cows and look after them, just like his father. However, nature had something else planned for him and after doing very well at school his life took a different direction.

Abhinav was a natural with numbers and went to University and eventually even got a masters degree. He got a job working in Banglore and then was given the opportunity ‘of a lifetime’ to head over to the USA and work in New York City with his family. Abhinav demanded the company provide himself and his family a green card with the job, which came in extremely useful when the recession hit in the USA in 2008.

By the time Abhinav was 40 years old he was working for Apple in California and living what many would call ‘ The American Dream, but around 2015 he started to question the purpose of his life. He wanted something more than a life based on making money and he wanted to return to his roots and connect to his family’s origin, which in turn meant packing his bags and moving back to India in 2017. Abhinav had the realisation that he wanted to improve food quality and support cows just as he had as a child and hence why he created the TEXAS GAUSHALA! A modern infrastructure for the cultivation of indigenous cows. Being a farm sanctuary, we provide a natural healthy environment for cows and several farm animals such as peacock and ducks.

This is a story that takes you from root to life and back to your origin!