Amy Madden

Trigger Warning: Suicide ‘I just want to go into schools, speak to young people and speak to them about Aleysha and keep her memory alive.’ I’m Amy and I am the founder of All Ears which supports the community in and around Wigan. I’m 25 and I’m someone who is passionate about supporting the community […]

Sandeep Saib

Trigger Warning: Suicide ‘to move forward you have to go backwards’ I am Sandeep Saib and I am a living experience mental health advocate. I really emphasise the ‘living’ in that title because I am still going through my own mental health journey. I am a philanthropist, public speaker and professional marketeer too and I […]

Stefania Catarinella

“Learning expands my life.” My name is Stefania Catarinella. I have been living in Leamington Spa for the past 3 and a half years and I’m originally from Puglia in the South of Italy. I lived in Puglia until I was 18 when I finished school. Then I left to follow my dream. I started […]

Matthew Smith

Trigger Warning: Suicide ‘There is life after suicide’ My name is Matthew Smith and I am from Durham. I am 28 now, and have lived in the same village all my life. It’s the kind of village where everybody knows each other. I look back at my childhood with fond memories, I was the middle […]

Hayley Xenophontos

Trigger warning: Sexual Abuse  “A hairdresser is a position of trust” My name is Hayley and I live in the Stockport area. I run a hair and wellbeing centre, where I specialise in hair loss solutions for women. I’m also an advocate for mental health. I do workshops including mindfulness, confidence and meditation. I was […]

Steph Marie

Trigger warning: Child Abuse and Bullying “Learning that my disability doesn’t define me” My name is Steph Marie, I am from Bury and I am a social influencer, chat show host and a historian and I also have cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy means that the part of the brain that sends signals is damaged. It […]

Sam Smith

“Every time a door is closed in your face, you’re closer to another door opening”. My name is Sam Smith, and I was born in Bolton in 1972 where I grew up. I came from a single-mother family where there were four kids and each of us had different dads. I didn’t ever get to […]

Elliot Taylor (9 Years old)

This month we meet Inspiring 9 year old Elliot, who’s been clocking up the miles for the Homeless!! A couple of weeks ago Tales to Inspire had the pleasure of meeting with inspirational nine-year-old Elliot Taylor, together with his Mum Teresa. Elliot from Southend, Essex, decided at the start of the year that he wanted […]

Jaime Thurston

“I wish a lot of charities were not needed” My name is Jamie Thurston. I’m dedicated to emphasising the impact of kindness, founding the charity 52 Lives which is committed to helping people in any way imaginable. I grew up in a small town in Australia. I had 3 brothers and sisters and amazing parents. […]

Michelle Rawls

“Don’t forget to lean on those who love you” My name is Michelle Rawls. Whilst travelling the world I’ve realised the importance of checking in with yourself and prioritising your mental wellbeing in order to help maintain your physical health. I was born on an air force base in North Dakota, USA, where my father […]

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