TALES TO INSPIRE offers a variety of opportunities for schools with the overall aim of encouraging children in education to maximise their potential. We help children develop their moral, social, and cultural awareness through engaging and interactive content.


TALES TO INSPIRE offers a variety of opportunities within the Corporate space. We help people connect to people via the power of our own stories. Krish Patel is a coach, author, podcast host and founder of www.talestoinspire.com; a platform that shares people’s inspirational stories around the world, to encourage people to never give up.


TALES TO INSPIRE events are a unique inspirational package. They can be delivered with our incredible Tales to Inspire Ambassadors in which we provide a live 1 hour and 30-minute event designed at inspiring people within the workplace, raising awareness about a variety of subjects and showing people that there is nothing they cannot overcome. We also design events where we help people within the organisation share their own inspirational tale to encourage others, empowering people’s voices that we may work with on an everyday basis and providing a platform for them to encourage fellow colleagues.