Pammy Johal:Celebrating diversity through adventure

Ep.79 17/03/2022

“Life is too short to wear tight shoes”

Pammy takes us on a journey from her childhood where she was born in the 60’s in inner city Coventry to a Sikh immigrant family. At 16, a school trip introduced her to the mountains where she experienced the WOW moment that changed her life. A force much bigger than her took her to explore wild landscapes of the world! Not something her parents or community were keen on.

Pammy takes us on a journey of self-discovery, understanding and respecting differences and a passion for environmental protection.

Pammy has been an outdoor/environmental practitioner since 1979 and in 1995 it struck her hard as she noticed the lack of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic role models in the sector, at every level, from service users to Board level and felt very strongly this had to change.

Back in 1995 Pammy started what is now called Backbone C.I.C

Backbone is a leading Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic outdoor environmental education organisation acknowledged on a national and global platform for successfully addressing diversity and inclusion in the sector.


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Today’s Guest Speaker was Pammy Johal.