Mental Health Matters!

The conversation around mental health is growing, there has been a seismic shift in how institutions, communities and the individual approach the topic of mental health. It appears that now more than ever this conversation is needed, as a study from researchers at Harvard Medical School and the University of Queensland concluded that one out […]

Mens Euro 2024 Mental Health

This year an anticipated cumulative viewership of 5 billion is expected to tune into the Mens Euro 2024 finals. It should be a source of joy in its exhibit of the beauty and spectacle of the world’s game yet for many the event will be clouded by its correlation to a spike in various mental […]

Movement as your Medicine 

January/February Blues? After the excitement and bustle of the Christmas season, it is completely natural to feel a little down at this time of the year. January and February, the months of cold weather, dark mornings and -possibly- failing in our New Year’s resolutions collide to create “January Blues”. Typically, January Blues manifests itself as […]

The Importance of Mental Health for Men 

What is Men’s mental health? Men’s Mental Health Month aims to destigmatize mental health challenges among men and promote open conversations. Awareness initiatives highlight the unique struggles men may face, emphasising the importance of seeking help. Societal norms surrounding masculinity create a toxic environment of silence. The month encourages men to prioritise their mental well-being, […]

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