Vicki Roberts

“Anorexia is like the devil on your shoulder you do not know when it is going to come back up” Trigger Warning: Anorexia and Suicide My name is Vicki Roberts I was originally from Milton Keynes and then moved up to Manchester at 18. At the moment, I’m running A Balanced Collective, an operations strategy […]

Pete Sincock

Trigger Warning: Child Abuse and Suicide  “People need to understand that there are two very different things, a cry for attention and a cry for help” I’m Pete Sincock and my journey through life has been rocked with trials and tribulations, but resilience and the power of human connection have helped transform my life.  I […]

Alex Winstanley

“True education goes beyond imparting knowledge; it should empower individuals to pursue their passions. Over the past decade, I’ve witnessed the systemic marginalisation of disabled individuals, a community often denied opportunities and recognition. This injustice has been a driving force behind my current position. Marginalised communities encompass a broad spectrum, including those with disabilities and […]

Jenny Dakosta Van Mputu

‘Nothing worth having comes easy. Your hard work will lead you to your goals.’ Hello, I am Jenny Dakosta Van Mputu, a 48-year-old man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. My life story unfolds as a 12-year odyssey marked by struggle, resilience, and an unwavering fight against injustice. Join me as I reflect on […]

Yatin Mistry

‘when you let your light shine you give others permission to do the same’ My name is Yatin Mistry, I’m a proud, gay, British Indian, but it hasn’t always been this way… I grew up in the 1980’s in  Essex and went to a school where everything was whitewashed and racism was merely accepted. I […]

Raji Sundar

‘Feeling good and making friends for life’ My name is Raji Sundar, I was born in Mumbai, India. Growing up my dad changed jobs a lot, I became used to different cultures and could speak 4 different languages by the age of 4. As a child I was quiet and reflective, my sister was the […]

Emma Marshall

‘The body will always tell you the truth.’ I am Emma, founder of Movement is Medicine UK, a lifestyle movement that encourages just that – movement!  As a teenager, I was heavily involved in rave culture. I would spend each weekend around London going to different raves and events. After finishing university, I began teaching […]

Meg Holloway

“You’ve got a responsibility to change, improve, and explore yourself. It’s time to focus inward” I am Meg and I am a life coach. My mission is to help overthinkers and self-doubters to master their minds. I have lived with my partner in the Lake district now for 18 months but I was born in […]

Harrison Ward

Trigger Warning: Suicide ‘Alcohol is optional’ My name is Harrison Ward, I am also known as Fell Foodie. I am a mental health advocate with a passion for cooking, hiking and combining the two. I grew up in Carlisle in a loving and supporting family. As a child I was this happy go lucky, glass […]

Ije McDougall

“Unashamedly Occupy Space” My name is Ije McDougall, I am a mum, a sister, a friend, a human resources professional, a family court magistrate, a motivational speaker and charity worker. Most importantly however, I unashamedly occupy space as a black woman living in the UK. I grew up in Nigeria as the eldest of three […]

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