Using adventure to transform my Life with Rachel White

Ep 69 06/01/2022

“Reading a book is a way to travel without travelling”

Rachel White is an adventurous Mother of three children who is standing up to make a difference in this world! She grew up in a little village close to Southend-on-Sea and always had dreams of wanting to travel. 

At the age of 17, Rachel went on holiday with her parents and had a holiday romance with a Spanish boy. After returning home, she decided to move to Spain to live with him and not long after she found herself pregnant, with the young man who was the father having to go to Spain’s mandatory military service, which was later abolished in 2001.

She was scared and anxious about having to be away from her partner whilst having her first child and after 7 years of being together and now with two children, her partner and now ex husband decided to leave the relationship and at the age of 24, she found herself as a single mother of two.

Rachel started to use alcohol as a way to mask her social anxiety and things did get difficult, however she met her now husband and love Andrew in 1996.

Even though in a healthy and loving relationship, Rachel has struggled with her mental health over the years and then one day everything changed. She listened to the Tough girl podcast with Sarah Williams and realised that people ‘like me’ could do adventures and enjoy life.

Rachel decided to use walking as part of her routine and in 2019 did the 500 mile Camino de Santiago to stand up for mental health and break out of her comfort zone.

This is a journey of hope and adventure through perseverance and never giving up.


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