Turning the lights back on – overcoming paralysis with Aaron Baker

Ep.17 07/01/2021

“I was on a ventilator and my lungs filled with fluid and I flatlined… I remember that moment and it is probably the most special and most profound experience I have ever had, where all my fear and anxiety began to merge. “

Aaron was the number 1 biker in the USA and then one day in 1999 his life changed forever.

His motorcycle malfunctioned over a large jump and when after impacting the ground head first he realised that he was in trouble. As quickly as flicking a light switch off his neck was broken and all electricity to his body ceased.

He had broken his neck and told that he had a one in a million chance of ever moving any body part below his neck.

It was an absolute miracle that he was alive, but his Recovery is not miraculous, it was hard ass work. He talks about the importance of hard work and that the true miracle is that any of us are here today.

After 2 decades of recovery, Aaron has also done some truly inspirational challenges, such as cycling in tandem with his mother across America in 2007, that took 3 and a half months and even walked 20 miles though Death Valley, for someone who was told they would never be able to move is quite remarkable.

Aarons biggest low was when he found himself at the edge of a swimming pool in his electric wheelchair and at the edge of a swimming pool, ready to end his life. He felt like he was a burden, he couldn’t handle the change and he felt so confined in his body, with his mind and body so far away from being in sync. He talks about his struggles with his own darkness, but he realised that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before pushing yourself back up.

This is a truly remarkable episode of hope, recovery, hardwork and so much more.


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