The Ups and Downs of Life with Damian Owens

Ep.64 02/12/2021

“My life motto is – Be your own hero”

Damian is a young man who grew up with a large family in Bolton. Admittedly, a child who seeked a lot of attention, Damian was the ‘naughty kid’ at school and was never in the teachers good books.

Damian couldn’t cope at school, but somehow the school he went to were very patient with him and encouraged him to take responsibility for things. Then a tough time arose within his family. Damian was bullied by one of his brothers for three years and his self confidence and self esteem took a turn for the worse.

This led to a couple of days before Damian’s 16th birthday, Damian attempting to take his own life. However, a random stranger stopped Damian from doing it and sat with Damian and in turn helped save his life.

Damian had always felt like a failure and a few years ago he found himself homeless, living in a homeless hostel and too embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened.

Damian had a lot of dark days, but there was one person within the hostel who always encouraged him and gave her time. That person then encouraged Damian to start volunteering at another charity called Foundation 92 and now Damian is working in full time employment and encouraging children throughout the Greater Manchester area.

An honest tale of one young man’s story towards not giving up on himself:


Damian Owens

Emmaus Salford

Foundation 92