The Rollercoaster of Professional Sport with Will Fraser

Ep.63 25/11/2021

“In life we should always try and give more than we take”

As a young boy Will and his three brothers were completely dedicated to sport and competition and as a 14 year old teenager Will was picked up by the professional rugby team Saracens and the rest as they say is history.

Will began his career playing in a poorly performing team, but then with a change in director, Saracens direction changed for the better and with that, so did the players.

Overall, Will won 5 premiership trophies and European trophies, however his journey is so much more than playing rugby.

With a career covered with injuries including 9 surgeries, an early retirement and seeing his younger brother go through some of life’s most difficult challenges after a freak accident, this is a true Tale to Inspire.

Now Will is the co-founder of 100 and first, which is a company that uses the power of real-life stories to drive change and continues to inspire people with life after rugby.

“I would much rather be brilliant at 3 things, than average at 10 things”


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