The power that determination and a beautiful heart can have with Kim De Coster

Ep. 62 18/11/2021

“I don’t need the world to know that I have made a difference”

Kim was born and raised in Belgium and now lives her life in the Canary Islands.

After overcoming being bullied at a young age, Kim began to do lots of volunteering against what anybody else in her family was doing.

Kim always had a dream of wanting a family and she eventually met someone fell in love and had a baby boy who is now seven years old. However, her partner was diagnosed with cancer and in January 2017 passed away, admittedly one of the most difficult circumstances either of them had ever had to go through.

Kim lost herself in her work thereafter, masking the true reality of the situation and dreading for the weekend to come, where she would be all alone with her son.

Kim now runs her own sustainable business Slow & Co, whilst raising her beloved son.

A journey of heartfelt courage and compassion towards a better future.


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