The Importance of Family with Deirdre Scantlebury and Denise Scantlebury-Ojo

Ep.60 04/11/2021

“Life is about embracing challenges”

Deirdre and Denise are sisters and part of one brilliant family unit. Their parents migrated to the UK from the Caribbean Islands and that in itself brought its own challenges.

Overcoming racism and a variety of struggles, not only were the family supporting each other, they were able to support so many within their community.

Their Mother and Father created a special oasis in Hackney, to care for young children at their nursery and now Deirdre and Denise have taken over in their footsteps.

However, things started to unravel when they realised that their parents homeland on the Island of Montserrat was struggling and people on the Island were unable to get the medical care they required. That is why Helping Hands For Glendon was created. A charitable organisation that is helping Glendon Hospital in Montserrat.

This is a unique tale of two sisters paying their gratitude forward due to their past.


 Helping Hands For Glendon



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