The First Person to Run a Marathon in Every Country in the World With Nick Butter

Ep.29 01/04/2021

“There is this magic number of 29,747 the average amount of time a human being lives for, how many hours in your life are you willing to live without being happy?”

Nick Butter is a British born runner who went from a career in banking where he was extremely unhappy to one living a life where all of his passions can be mixed together.

Nick has been mugged at knife point, shot at, hit by a car and even had a minor heart attack during his 2 year long challenge. 

All of us have those moments where our lives can pivot in a different direction and Nick’s was when he met a guy called Kevin when he was running out in the desert. Kevin seemed a really happy and great guy and then he suddenly just dropped the bombshell that he was terminally ill with prostate cancer and he was going to die in 2 year’s time. This gave Nick a realisation of how little time we truly have in this world.

It was after then that he decided he would run a marathon in every country in the world to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Having originally thought it would cost £97,000, it actually cost closer to £1 million, So 647 days, 540 flights, 12 passports and over £220,000 raised for prostate cancer UK.

Running the world and embarking on various challenges has given Nick a new perspective on life and we can all have a new perspective on how we can help encourage others and build empathy in society. 

Take advantage of time and do not let it pass you by.


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