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The best way to deliver a powerful message to your staff is to pick the messenger carefully.

First of all, we are not speakers. Speakers are people trained in the art of entertaining, being funny, dressed up, very professional, making the audience participate, and keeping your attention on them.

Our ambassadors are not that.

Reframing your thoughts to positive outcomes can create a habit that will change the way you think.

This is what we offer to businesses for their events.

We have a range of unique ambassadors that do not make people clap or dance.

They come and tell you their experience, their life, and their tale.
Stories of challenge, life, differences, and overcoming it all.


This is how we get to help entire teams and companies when they are looking for speakers to host an event.

If you work with us and our speakers, here’s some of what you’ll get:


You don’t waste your time contacting independent speakers, deal with their schedules, emails, conditions and fluff. We deal with that for you and fit your time, needs, budget and expectations. You will communicate with 1 person.


All of our speakers are Tales to Inspire ambassadors who have shared their story with us. Real-life people with lived experience to ensure real-life outcomes of the subject area that they are delivering on.


Hard to say, since it's all bespoke. The sessions are priced differently depending on the length of delivery, amount of speakers, the amount of time it takes to prepare the sessions and how many people we are delivering the session for.


Most employers want their employees to thrive and to feel part of a culture that values each and every person within the organisation. We provide external speakers to provide high quality training and development opportunities to improve your company culture in a creative manner.

On or off

We always prefer offline physical feedback with people, but we can do it online if you prefer.

We're nice (too)

You get to collaborate with a thriving social enterprise which is making waves across the country, raising awareness of social issues and taking action alongside them. It is great for your Corporate Social Responsibility.


Your event speakers leave a lasting impression. If you know Tales to Inspire, you’ll know our ambassadors stories stay with you.

You decide

The speakers we bring send a message (about you) to your attendants. Do not choose them lightly.

Less problems

Happier staff means less problems for management, ensures better performance and leads to a better attrition rate.


Our speakers provide eye opening experiences to foster resilience and encourage employees to take action. Your staff will know that you take their wellbeing seriously which will enable them to feel more like they are part of the team.


We help to break down barriers within the workplace by raising awareness of topical issues.


You don’t have to spend time looking for credible external speakers and people to deliver high quality sessions. You come to us with what you are looking for and we can tailor your experience depending on your needs.


Bringing something different to provide a different outcome. Our speakers have all overcome numerous obstacles in their lives. They always bring something different which is guaranteed to get the audience thinking differently.

to Inspire

Fill your details and we’ll get in touch to discuss a proposal
Some managers have these questions

It can be 1 speaker of 2 hours, a few speakers for an entire day, or lots of speakers for an entire week if you want.

We will discuss your needs over email first.

You will decide on the speaker and topic you’re interested in, the length of the time you have available, mode of delivery and preferred dates.

With that we’ll prepare a proposal, including which ambassadors who will deliver on the day and send it to you on a deck in a PDF file, along with a quote for the work.

From here, we can arrange a short call to solve last questions.

You get approval for the work.

We attend on the day, deliver our inspirational session, and leave.

We do recommend to be in touch with us at least 4 weeks before the session is required, however get in touch with us either way and we will try to make it happen.

It all depends on what the theme is and how far away your proposed workshop needs to be delivered.

Our sessions have been delivered to small teams of 3-5 people and have been delivered to whole companies of 1,000 people.

It all depends on the outcomes that you are searching for.

Specific leadership teams, employees within your organisation or the entire company.

You let us know what your goals and outcomes are and who you aim to support and we will take care of the rest.

to Inspire

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