Showing you that there is nothing you cannot get through with Nikki Scott

15/07/2021 Ep.44

“You never get over somebody dying, but there is ways to make sure their memory lives on.”

On the 10th July 2009 Nikki’s world was totally turned upside down when she had the knock at the door that every Army wife dreads, and was told that Lee had been killed. Her world fell apart. The most painful thing for me was knowing our two precious children would now have to face life without their daddy.

Times were so difficult for Nikki and her children afterwards and around 9 months later she decided to start Scotty’s little Soldiers the charity dedicated to supporting bereaved British Forces children.

Nikki takes us on a journey of the serious struggles and lifelong loss of a husband and a father to one that despite all of this provides hundreds of children across the UK with support and guidance throughout their childhood.


Scotty’s Little Soldiers


Child Bereavement UK