Showing people why service matters with Simon Osamoh

Ep.32 22/04/2021

“Don’t settle for second best, material things are second best”

 Simon Osamoh shares his real-life story from overcoming so many hurdles.

Simon never met his father and grew up on a council estate in Reading with his mum and siblings. Money was hard to come by as a child, and that wealth gap definitely made things very difficult.

Simon joined the police at 19 years old, he purchased his first house at 19 and at the age or 25 he had 5 or 6 properties and his struggles with money seemed to have been overcome.

The thing is, no matter how hard Simon worked and what he did in the eyes of others, working hard would not get him his father back and that was difficult for him to come to terms with.

Whilst working in the police, a lady died in Simon’s arms. He had a sworn duty was to protect her, and felt that he had failed this lady and realised things had to change in his own life, as well as within the lives of the people within the community.

Simon then takes us through a journey of Michael Long, a person who he helped send to prison due to his criminal activity and how their journey came to a beautiful circle years later.

Fast forward a few years, Simon now works in finance in the USA, an author and driven to repay his depth of gratitude to his Mother and pay it forward through his children.

A journey of why serving others matters so much, why we must master the art of falling forward and so much more!

“When life gets more than you can stand, then remember you can always kneel.” 


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