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Overcoming mental and physical adversity to create your own authentic success with Lee Chambers

Overcoming mental and physical adversity to create your own authentic success with Lee Chambers

Ep.11 26/11/2020

Ahead of this week’s episode listener Hans Cook (@cap_n_chino) shares how the Tales to Inspire podcast encourages him to enjoy the little things, and his favourite quote that reflects this: ‘when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.

Lee Chambers was born and raised in Bolton, and the first in his family to go to university. Having overcome struggles with his mental health in second year, Lee left university into a graduate position, but was then made redundant in the financial crash. He took this as an opportunity and set up his own eCommerce videogame business; the continuing success of this entrepreneurial endeavour has afforded Lee the security to pursue his other interests, involving himself in charity work, further training and education, and coaching.

At the age of 29 Lee was admitted to A&E in severe pain; the beginning of a chronic illness that left him unable to walk. After the initial shock, Lee realised he had to be grateful for the opportunities and support he had had through life, and knew he had to push himself to overcome this new challenge. He threw himself into walking rehabilitation and continued to run his business online throughout. Whilst he knows he will never be 100% back to where he was physically, is now proud to know he is 200% where he was mentally and psychologically prior to his illness. 

After this experience, Lee wanted to help others maximise their potential, and improve their wellbeing. He set up Essentialise, a company that focuses on personal coaching, and workplace wellbeing. Lee emphasises the importance of accountability and ownership of your situation when going through difficulties, and how he has developed his perspective on failure; ‘the situation that I’m in has become too much and that’s failed, but not me on a human level’. His aim with Essentialise, and in his personal life, is to influence people to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled; if he leaves world is a happier, healthier place than when he entered it, he’ll consider it a success!

You can find out more about the coaching work Lee and the work he does below:


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