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Overcome fear and challenge yourself to make life an adventure with Sarah Williams

Overcome fear and challenge yourself to make life an adventure with Sarah Williams

Ep.5 15/10/2020

Krish is joined by Sarah Williams, host of The Tough Girl Podcast and founder of Tough Girl Challenges. Sarah takes us along with her from an unfulfilling career in banking, through gruelling physical challenges, to where she is now; inspiring women and girls to overcome their self-doubt, challenge themselves to set ambitious goals in life, and have adventures of their own through Tough Girl Challenges.

Sarah’s adventures have taken her on foot through the notoriously tough Marathon des Sables, and along the length of the Appalachian Trial in a mere 3 months, before switching to wheels to cycle the Pacific Coast Highway. Along the way, Sarah realised her perseverance and ambitious physical challenges had the power to inspire others to set and achieve their own goals, overcome their fears, and push themselves in their everyday lives. Motivating young girls in schools, and inspiring thousands globally with the Tough Girl Podcast, Sarah talks Krish through how she helps others through her own impressive journey, and the sacrifices she has made to get there.

Sarah highlights the vital mental resilience needed for any physical challenge, emphasising the importance of ‘enjoying the process, enjoying the journey…that’s where the power comes from’, and speaks of ‘knowing your why’; what is it that keeps you going, and stops you from getting overwhelmed by the task at hand?  She remembers the initial judgement she felt from peers upon quitting banking and started adventuring, and talks through how to cope with this and focus on your own goals and ambitions. The most important step? Getting started.

Want to follow Sarah’s next adventure, and get motivated to take on your own challenge? Google ‘Tough Girl Challenges’.

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