Making Changes to recover from addiction with Chris Howarth

Ep.21 04/02/2021

“My inability to interact with human beings had gone, I couldn’t meet with people without having alcohol inside of me.”

Chris Howarth born and raised in Preston and had a relatively happy upbringing.

He was always a very shy person, he had an inferiority complex, making him feel on the outside, but sports is where he came out of my shell.

Then there was an instant when he was 13 years old, when he was passed a note from his friends that said, “ we do not want you as part of our group anymore”.

This is when he was introduced to alcohol.At the age of 14 Chris wanted to experience alcohol and despite him not liking the taste he loved the immediate effect it had.He knew this was the answer to all of my problems. He was able to speak to girls and alcohol became his little piece of magic.

Chris was involved in dealing drugs, in gangs and getting in fights and still only 15 years old. He was looking for a community to fit in with and it seemed Chris was finding the wrong sort of crowd.

Getting older I used alcohol for self-medication around social anxiety, having panic attacks, and he let it take over the rest of my life. Chris would drink every time he would go out. His inability to interact with human beings had gone, he couldn’t meet with people without having alcohol inside his body. 

Chris had so many jobs that he lost and couldn’t hold down. Shame began to take over and was blackout drunk most of the time and this is where he stopped showering, stopped eating and stopped looking after himself.

“I was hiding away in this room. If I had not been rescued, I could have died. Mentally and physically my mind had gone, the room stunk, there were flies everywhere, there was vomit everywhere and I was using wine bottles to urinate in, as I did not want anyone in the place to see me. “

Chris’s dad put him in the priory for rehabilitation as he knew that Chris could not control alcohol at all.

“I wanted to learn how to deal and manage my addictions and the programme was unbelievable. I met people who were in there who were 24-7 drinkers, there was a solicitor, a Doctor, a millionaire businessman.” 

A Tale about how recovery is real and how to you can transform your life, no matter how dark it may get!

Addiction is not the substance you are using.


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