Lisa Askem: Learning to live with life’s challenges

“Sometimes you just have to go with not being normal”

Lisa Askem is a yoga teacher, who passionately believes in the importance of enjoying yourself.

She was born in Leeds and as a child, she was a major dreamer.

She moved to London and went to art school which all felt very natural to her. Her teens/early twenties were a great time, it was the 80s so punk culture was rife and she immersed herself in it.

She got married, decided to buy a house and had children. They were lovely times but becoming a mother was a massive adjustment. Nothing can ever prepare you for that complete loss of freedom.

Lisa and her husband eventually grew apart. Around the same time as her divorce, things around her started going wrong. Her dad passed away and her youngest son had to undergo heart surgery…

Brace yourself for an amazing tale of bravery and ups and downs about following your dreams and learning to live with life’s challenges, no matter how many obstacles are thrown your way.

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